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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Assessing mechanical vulnerability in water distribution networks under multiple failures 1-gen-2014 BERARDI, LuigiGIUSTOLISI, Orazio +
Derivation of equivalent pipe network analogues for three-dimensional discrete fracture networks by the boundary element method 1-gen-1999 Fidelibus C +
Derived distribution of floods based on the concept of partial area coverage with a climatic appeal 1-gen-2000 Iacobellis, V. +
An evolutionary multiobjective strategy for the effective management of groundwater resources 1-gen-2008 GIUSTOLISI, OrazioDOGLIONI, Angelo +
Multiscaling pulse representation of temporal rainfall 1-gen-2002 Iacobellis, V. +
Network structure classification and features of water distribution systems 1-gen-2017 GIUSTOLISI, OrazioSIMONE, Antonietta +
New insights about the climatic and geologic control on the probability distribution of floods 1-gen-2001 Iacobellis, V. +
A novel infrastructure modularity index for the segmentation of water dis-tribution networks 1-gen-2014 GIUSTOLISI, Orazio +
Probabilistic model for the estimation of t-year flow duration curves 1-gen-2008 IACOBELLIS, Vito
Selection of relevant input variables in storm water quality modeling by multiobjective evolutionary polynomial regression paradigm 1-gen-2016 BERARDI, LuigiGIUSTOLISI, Orazio +
Stochastic Model of the Width Function 1-gen-2000 Iacobellis, V. +
Tailoring Centrality Metrics for Water Distribution Networks 1-gen-2019 Orazio GiustolisiAntonietta Simone +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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