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Chain-growth versus step-growth mechanisms for the suzuki-heck polymerisation of fluorenyldibromides with potassium vinyl trifluoroborate 1-gen-2010 Grisorio, R.Suranna, G. P.Mastrorilli, P.
Evidence of a Chain-Growth Mechanism for the Suzuki-Heck Polymerisation of Fluorenyldibromides with Potassium Vinyl Trifluoroborate 1-gen-2010 Grisorio, R.SURANNA, Gian PaoloMASTRORILLI, Pietro
Harnessing the ortho-directing ability of the azetidine ring for the regioselective and exhaustive functionalization of arenes 1-gen-2014 ROMANAZZI, GiuseppeMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
meso-Octaethylporphyrinogen displaying site selectivity in the stepwise synthesis of polymetallic aggregates with interesting redox properties: the π-binding ability of metalla-porphyrinigens 1-gen-1999 Latronico, M. +
NHCs as Neutral Donors towards Polyphosphorus Complexes 1-gen-2020 Piero Mastrorilli +
Solution and Solid-State Dynamics of Metal-Coordinated White Phosphorus 1-gen-2012 GALLO, VitoLATRONICO, MarioMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
Solvent- and temperature-dependent functionalisation of enantioenriched aziridines 1-gen-2011 Musio B. +
Synthesis of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines by microreactor-mediated thermal isomerization of laterally lithiated arylaziridines 1-gen-2013 Musio B. +
Uncovering Intramolecular π-Type Hydrogen Bonds in Solution by NMR Spectroscopy and DFT Calculations 1-gen-2016 MASTRORILLI, PietroGALLO, VitoTODISCO, StefanoLATRONICO, Mario +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 9 di 9
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