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New method for approximating time-delay systems with delay-free systems 1-gen-1982 B. MaioneB. Turchiano
Laguerre z-transfer function representation of linear discrete-time systems 1-gen-1985 Bruno MaioneBiagio Turchiano
Accuracy in Evaluating FMS Performances Through Operational Analysis 1-gen-1985 B. MaioneB. Turchiano +
Input- and output-decoupling structural zeros of linear systems described by Rosenbrock's polynomial matrices 1-gen-1986 Bruno MaioneBiagio Turchiano
Closed Analytical formulae for evaluating Flexible Manufacturing System Performance Measures 1-gen-1986 Maione, B.Turchiano, B. +
Assessing the operational analysis robustness of flexible manufacturing systems modelling 1-gen-1988 Maria Pia FantiBruno MaioneBiagio Turchiano +
Structurally fixed modes of systems described by Rosenbrock's polynomial matrices 1-gen-1988 Fanti, M. P.Maione, B.Turchiano, B.
Characterization of decoupling structural zeros of Rosenbrock's polynomial matrices 1-gen-1988 Bruno MaioneBiagio Turchiano
Two-level solution method for Markov chain modelling transfer lines with unreliable servers and finite buffers 1-gen-1989 Fanti, M. P.Maione, B.Peluso, R.Turchiano, B.
A computer-based method to fit Strejc's models for industrial processes responses 1-gen-1989 B. MaioneB. Turchiano +
Controllability of linear single-input positive discrete-time systems 1-gen-1989 Fanti, M. P.Maione, B.Turchiano, B.
Controllability of multi-input positive discrete-time systems 1-gen-1990 Fanti, M. P.Maione, B.Turchiano, B.
System approach to a generic software specification for Flexible Manufacturing System job flow management 1-gen-1992 Fanti, M. P.Maione, B.Piscitelli, GiacomoTurchiano, B.
Two method for real-time routing selection in flexible manufacturing systems 1-gen-1992 M. P. FantiB. MaioneG. PiscitelliB. Turchiano
Control policies conciliating deadlock avoidance and flexibility in FMS resource allocation 1-gen-1995 M. P. FantiB. MaioneS. MascoloB. Turchiano
Performance of deadlock avoidance algorithms in flexible manufacturing systems 1-gen-1996 Maria P. FantiBruno MaioneSaverio MascoloBiagio Turchiano
Heuristic scheduling of jobs on a multi-product batch processing machine 1-gen-1996 Fanti, M. P.Maione, B.Piscitelli, G.Turchiano, B.
System approach to design generic software for real-time control of flexible manufacturing systems 1-gen-1996 M. P. FantiB. MaioneG. PiscitelliB. Turchiano
Event Control for Deadlock Avoidance in Assembly Systems 1-gen-1997 M. P. FantiB. MaioneB. Turchiano
Event-based feedback control for deadlock avoidance in flexible production systems 1-gen-1997 Fanti, Maria PiaMaione, BrunoMascolo, SaverioTurchiano, Biagio
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 34
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