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Design and development of a forearm rehabilitation system based on an augmented reality serious game 1-gen-2016 Bevilacqua, V.Brunetti, A.Trotta, G. F.Fiorentino, M.Manghisi, V.Uva, A. E. +
Design of a projective AR workbench for manual working stations 1-gen-2016 UVA, Antonio EmmanueleFIORENTINO, MicheleGattullo, MicheleMARINO, FrancescomariaTROTTA, Gianpaolo FrancescoManghisi, Vito ModestoBOCCACCIO, AntonioBEVILACQUA, VitoantonioMONNO, Giuseppe +
Predicting Text Legibility over Textured Digital Backgrounds for a Monocular Optical See-Through Display 1-gen-2017 Manghisi, Vito ModestoGattullo, MicheleFiorentino, MicheleUva, Antonio EmmanueleMarino, FrancescomariaBevilacqua, VitoantonioMonno, Giuseppe
Real time RULA assessment using Kinect v2 sensor 1-gen-2017 MANGHISI, Vito ModestoUVA, Antonio EmmanueleFIORENTINO, MicheleBEVILACQUA, VitoantonioTROTTA, Gianpaolo FrancescoMONNO, Giuseppe
Experiencing the Sights, Smells, Sounds, and Climate of Southern Italy in VR 1-gen-2017 Manghisi, VM.Fiorentino, M.Gattullo, M.Boccaccio, A.Bevilacqua, V.Cascella, GL.Dassisti, M.Uva, AE.
Enhancing user engagement through the user centric design of a mid-air gesture-based interface for the navigation of virtual-tours in cultural heritage expositions 1-gen-2018 Manghisi, Vito M.Uva, Antonio E.Fiorentino, MicheleGattullo, MicheleBoccaccio, AntonioMonno, Giuseppe
Evaluating the effectiveness of spatial augmented reality in smart manufacturing: a solution for manual working stations 1-gen-2018 Uva, AE.Gattullo, MManghisi, VM.Spagnulo, DCascella, GL.Fiorentino, M.
Operator 4.0: Industrial Augmented Reality, Interfaces and Ergonomics 1-gen-2019 Manghisi, Vito Modesto
Exploiting augmented reality to display technical information on industry 4.0 P&ID 1-gen-2019 Boccaccio A.Cascella G. L.Fiorentino M.Gattullo M.Manghisi V. M.Monno G.Uva A. E.
Geometry modelling of regular scaffolds for bone tissue engineering: A computational mechanobiological approach 1-gen-2019 Boccaccio A.Fiorentino M.Gattullo M.Manghisi V. M.Monno G.Uva A. E.
Exploiting Augmented Reality to Enhance Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams for Information Retrieval Tasks in Industry 4.0 Maintenance 1-gen-2019 Michele GattulloAlessandro EvangelistaAntonio Emmanuele UvaMichele FiorentinoAntonio BoccaccioVito Modesto Manghisi
A neural network-based software to recognise blepharospasm symptoms and to measure eye closure time 1-gen-2019 Trotta, Gianpaolo FBoccaccio, AntonioBrunetti, AntonioCascarano, Giacomo DManghisi, Vito MFiorentino, MicheleUva, Antonio EBevilacqua, Vitoantonio +
A User-Centered Framework for Designing Midair Gesture Interfaces 1-gen-2019 Antonio Emmanuele UvaMichele FiorentinoVito Modesto ManghisiAntonio BoccaccioSaverio DebernardisMichele GattulloGiuseppe Monno
Automatic Ergonomic Postural Risk Monitoring on the Factory Shopfloor ‒the Ergosentinel Tool 1-gen-2020 Vito M. ManghisiAntonio E. UvaMichele FiorentinoMichele GattulloAntonio BoccaccioAlessandro Evangelista
Towards Next Generation Technical Documentation in Augmented Reality Using a Context-Aware Information Manager 1-gen-2020 Gattullo, MicheleEvangelista, AlessandroManghisi, Vito M.Uva, Antonio E.Fiorentino, MicheleBoccaccio, AntonioRuta, Michele +
Towards Sailing supported by Augmented Reality: Motivation, Methodology and Perspectives 1-gen-2020 Francesco. LaeraMario M. FogliaAlessandro. EvangelistaAntonio. BoccaccioMichele. GattulloVito M. ManghisiAntonio E. UvaMichele. Fiorentino +
A Body Tracking-Based Low-Cost Solution for Monitoring Workers’ Hygiene Best Practices during Pandemics 1-gen-2020 Manghisi, Vito M.Fiorentino, MicheleBoccaccio, AntonioGattullo, MicheleCascella, Giuseppe L.Uva, Antonio E. +
Heart rate variability based assessment of cognitive workload in smart operators 1-gen-2020 Salvatore DigiesiVito Modesto ManghisiFrancesco FacchiniMario Massimo FogliaCarlotta Mummolo +
Mechanobiological approach to design and optimize bone tissue scaffolds 3D printed with fused deposition modeling: A feasibility study 1-gen-2020 Gianluca PercocoAntonio Emmanuele UvaMichele FiorentinoMichele GattulloVito Modesto ManghisiAntonio Boccaccio
Effect of Cell Shape on Nanoindentation Measurements 1-gen-2020 Antonio BoccaccioMichele FiorentinoVito Modesto ManghisiGiuseppe MonnoAntonio E. Uva
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