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Selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde in water by TiO2/Cu(II)/UV solar system 1-gen-2011 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Oxidation of 2,4-dichlorophenol and 3,4-dichlorophenol by means of Fe(III)-homogeneous photocatalysis and algal toxicity assessment of the treated solutions 1-gen-2011 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Selective oxidation processes of organic substances by means of photocatalytic systems 1-gen-2011 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Kinetic modeling of benzyl alcohol and/or benzaldehyde selective oxidation in water by means of TiO2/CuII/hν process 1-gen-2012 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Fe(iii)-photocatalytic partial oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde under UV-solar simulated radiation 1-gen-2013 SPASIANO, Danilo +
TiO2/Cu(II) photocatalytic production of benzaldehyde from benzyl alcohol in solar pilot plant reactor 1-gen-2013 Spasiano, Danilo +
Photodegradation of naproxen and its photoproducts in aqueous solution at 254 nm: A kinetic investigation 1-gen-2013 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Solar photo-Fenton optimization for the treatment of MWTP effluents containing emerging contaminants 1-gen-2013 SPASIANO, Danilo +
An evaluation of the application of a TiO2/ Cu(II)/solar simulated radiation system for selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol derivatives 1-gen-2013 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Hydrogen production by photoreforming of formic acid in aqueous copper/TiO2 suspensions under UV-simulated solar radiation at room temperature 1-gen-2013 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Copper modified-TiO2 catalysts for hydrogen generation through photoreforming of organics. A short review 1-gen-2014 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Kinetic modeling of partial oxidation of benzyl alcohol in water by means of Fe(III)/O<inf>2</inf>/UV-solar simulated process 1-gen-2014 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Simulated solar photocatalytic processes for the simultaneous removal of EDDS, Cu(II), Fe(III) and Zn(II) in synthetic and real contaminated soil washing solutions 1-gen-2014 SPASIANO, Danilo +
TiO2/graphene-like photocatalysts for selective oxidation of 3-pyridine-methanol to vitamin B3 under UV/solar simulated radiation in aqueous solution at room conditions: The effect of morphology on catalyst performances 1-gen-2014 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Kinetic characterization of the photosynthetic reaction centres in microalgae by means of fluorescence methodology 1-gen-2015 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Solar photocatalysis: Materials, reactors, some commercial, and pre-industrialized applications. A comprehensive approach 1-gen-2015 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Production of pyridinecarboxy aldehydes, nicotinic and isonicotinic and picolinic acids by TiO2-sacrificial photocatalysis at ambient conditions and in aqueous solution through artificial solar radiation 1-gen-2015 SPASIANO, Danilo +
A kinetic study of the simultaneous removal of EDDS and cupric ions from acidic aqueous solutions by TiO2-based photocatalysis under artificial solar light irradiation and deaerated batch conditions 1-gen-2015 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Photocatalytic Oxidation of Organic Micro-Pollutants: Pilot Plant Investigation and Mechanistic Aspects of the Degradation Reaction 1-gen-2016 PETRELLA, AndreaMASCOLO, GiuseppePETRUZZELLI, VALENTINARANIERI, EzioSPASIANO, DaniloPETRUZZELLI, Domenico +
Direct photolysis of benzoylecgonine under UV irradiation at 254nm in a continuous flow microcapillary array photoreactor 1-gen-2016 SPASIANO, Danilo +
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