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Exploiting Augmented Reality to Enhance Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams for Information Retrieval Tasks in Industry 4.0 Maintenance 1-gen-2019 Michele GattulloAlessandro EvangelistaAntonio Emmanuele UvaMichele FiorentinoAntonio BoccaccioVito Modesto Manghisi
A Context-Aware Technical Information Manager for Presentation in Augmented Reality 1-gen-2019 Michele GattulloEvangelista, AlessandroAntonio Emmanuele UvaMichele FiorentinoAntonio BoccaccioMichele Ruta +
Automatic Ergonomic Postural Risk Monitoring on the Factory Shopfloor ‒the Ergosentinel Tool 1-gen-2020 Vito M. ManghisiAntonio E. UvaMichele FiorentinoMichele GattulloAntonio BoccaccioAlessandro Evangelista
Towards Next Generation Technical Documentation in Augmented Reality Using a Context-Aware Information Manager 1-gen-2020 Gattullo, MicheleEvangelista, AlessandroManghisi, Vito M.Uva, Antonio E.Fiorentino, MicheleBoccaccio, AntonioRuta, Michele +
Informing the Use of Visual Assets in Industrial Augmented Reality 1-gen-2020 Gattullo M.Evangelista A.Fiorentino M.Uva A. E. +
Design preferences on Industrial Augmented Reality: A survey with potential technical writers 1-gen-2020 Gattullo M.Dammacco L.Evangelista A.Fiorentino M.Uva A. E. +
Towards Sailing supported by Augmented Reality: Motivation, Methodology and Perspectives 1-gen-2020 Francesco. LaeraMario M. FogliaAlessandro. EvangelistaAntonio. BoccaccioMichele. GattulloVito M. ManghisiAntonio E. UvaMichele. Fiorentino +
Unveiling the technological trends of augmented reality: A patent analysis 1-gen-2020 Alessandro EvangelistaLorenzo ArditoAntonio BoccaccioMichele FiorentinoAntonio Messeni PetruzzelliAntonio E. Uva
Sailing data visualization in augmented reality: Systematic review, issues, and perspectives 1-gen-2021 Fiorentino, MicheleLaera, FrancescoEvangelista, AlessandroBoccaccio, AntonioManghisi, Vito M.Gattullo, MicheleUva, Antonio E.Foglia, Mario M. +
Towards the next generation of advanced technical documentation in augmented reality: the case of MILL 4.0 1-gen-2021 Evangelista, Alessandro
Augmented reality for maritime navigation data visualisation: A systematic review, issues and perspectives 1-gen-2021 Laera, FrancescoFiorentino, MicheleEvangelista, AlessandroBoccaccio, AntonioManghisi, Vito M.Gattullo, MicheleUva, Antonio E.Foglia, Mario M. +
Geometry optimization of scaffolds for bone tissue engineering 1-gen-2021 Uva, Antonio E.Fiorentino, MicheleEvangelista, AlessandroGattullo, MicheleManghisi, Vito M.Boccaccio, Antonio +
Augmented Reality Interface for Sailing Navigation: a User Study for Wind Representation 1-gen-2021 Laera, FManghisi, VMEvangelista, AFoglia, MMFiorentino, M
Evaluating the Acceptance of Cinematic Virtual Reality-Based Applications for Rehabilitative Interventions in Schizophrenia 1-gen-2022 Manghisi, Vito MEvangelista, AlessandroLatorre, ValeriaUva, Antonio E +
Towards the Evaluation of Augmented Reality in the Metaverse: Information Presentation Modes 1-gen-2022 Gattullo, MLaviola, EEvangelista, AFiorentino, MUva, AE
What, How, and Why are Visual Assets used in Industrial Augmented Reality? A Systematic Review and Classification in Maintenance, Assembly, and Training (from 1997 to 2019) 1-gen-2022 Michele GattulloAlessandro EvangelistaAntonio Emmanuele UvaMichele Fiorentino +
Cinematic Virtual Reality as a Rehabilitative Tool in Subjects Affected by Schizophrenia 1-gen-2022 Manghisi V. M.Evangelista A.Boccaccio A.Gattullo M.Fiorentino M.Uva A. E. +
Investigating the Effects on User Performance and Perceived Workload of Environmental Noise in Immersive Virtual Reality 1-gen-2022 Manghisi, VMMartellotta, FEvangelista, AUva, AE +
CompassbAR: A Technique for Visualizing Out-of-View Objects in a Mixed Reality Environment 1-gen-2022 Evangelista A.Manghisi V. M.Laera F.Gattullo M.Uva A. E.Fiorentino M.
Mixed Reality in STEM Didactics: Case Study of Assembly Drawings of Complex Machines 1-gen-2022 Laviola E.Gattullo M.Boccaccio A.Evangelista A.Fiorentino M.Manghisi V. M.Uva A. E.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 32
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