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Dynamic Security Corrective Control by UPFCs 1-gen-2001 Bruno SDE TUGLIE, Enrico ElioLA SCALA, Massimo +
Dynamic security corrective control by UPFCs 1-gen-2001 Bruno, S.De Tuglie, E.La Scala, M. +
Dynamic security corrective control by UPFCs 1-gen-2001 Bruno SDE TUGLIE, Enrico ElioLA SCALA, Massimo +
Transient security dispatch for the concurrent optimization of plural postulated contingencies 1-gen-2002 Bruno, S.De Tuglie, E.La Scala, M.
Replicating interruptible supply contracts for security constrained transmission management 1-gen-2003 S. BrunoM. La ScalaR. Sbrizzai +
A Dynamic Optimization Approach for Wide-Area Control of Transient Phenomena 1-gen-2004 S. BRUNODe Benedictis, MicheleLA SCALA, Massimo +
A novel approach to Dynamic Security Control: an application for Transmission Management 1-gen-2004 Bruno, S.Dicorato, M.La Scala, M.
Unified Power Flow Controllers for Security Constrained Transmission Management 1-gen-2004 S. BrunoM. La Scala
Full-scale Tests of the AC Transmission System to Examine the New SPS Complexes 1-gen-2006 LA SCALA, MassimoBRUNO, Sergio +
“Taking the pulse” of Power Systems: Monitoring Oscillations by Wavelet Analysis and Wide Area Measurement System 1-gen-2006 Bruno, S.LA SCALA, Massimo +
Emergency control assessment for mitigating the effects of cascading outages 1-gen-2006 Bruno, S.La Scala, M. +
Demand elasticity increase for reducing social welfare losses due to transfer capacity restriction: A test case on Italian cross-border imports 1-gen-2006 BRUNO, SergioLA SCALA, Massimo +
Development of Applications in WAMS and WACS: an international cooperation experience 1-gen-2006 LA SCALA, MassimoBruno, S. +
Integrating Dynamic Optimization Methodologies with WAMS technologies 1-gen-2007 BRUNO, SergioLA SCALA, Massimo +
Evaluation of the AC interferences between transmission lines and metallic underground structures 1-gen-2007 BRUNO, S.DE TUGLIE, Enrico ElioLA SCALA, Massimo
Power system modal identification via wavelet analysis 1-gen-2007 BRONZINI, MarcoBRUNO, SergioLA SCALA, Massimo +
The Power System Laboratory at the Politecnico di Bari 1-gen-2008 Bruno, S.LA SCALA, Massimo +
Advanced Monitoring and Control Approaches for Enhancing Power System Security 1-gen-2009 Sergio BrunoMassimo La Scala +
Improving Energy Efficiency in a Power Park by the Integration of a Hydrogen Steam Reformer 1-gen-2009 Bruno, SergioLamonaca, SilviaMassimo La ScalaRotondo, GiuseppeStecchi, Ugo
Modeling and simulation of the interconnected see and Italy electricity markets: Contribution to the panel "Energy developments in south east Europe" 1-gen-2009 Bruno, S.LA SCALA, Massimo +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 92
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