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Application of connected dominating sets in wildfire detection based on wireless sensor networks 1-gen-2015 Deldjoo, Yashar +
A Novel Fuzzy-Based Smoke Detection System Using Dynamic and Static Smoke Features 1-gen-2015 Yashar DeldjooFatemeh Nazary +
Toward building a content-based video recommendation system based on low-level features 1-gen-2015 Yashar Deldjoo +
Toward effective movie recommendations based on mise-en-scène film styles 1-gen-2015 Yashar Deldjoo +
A low-cost infrared-optical head tracking solution for virtual 3D audio environment using the Nintendo Wii-remote 1-gen-2016 Yashar Deldjoo +
Content-Based Video Recommendation System Based on Stylistic Visual Features 1-gen-2016 Yashar Deldjoo +
Using visual features and latent factors for movie recommendation 1-gen-2016 Yashar Deldjoo +
Recommending movies based on Mise-en-Scène design 1-gen-2016 Yashar Deldjoo +
Exploring the semantic gap for movie recommendations 1-gen-2017 Deldjoo, Yashar +
The effect of different video summarization models on the quality of video recommendation based on low-level visual features 1-gen-2017 Deldjoo, Yashar +
Letting users assist what to watch: An interactive query-by-example movie recommendation system 1-gen-2017 Yashar Deldjoo +
How to combine visual features with tags to improve movie recommendation accuracy? 1-gen-2017 Yashar Deldjoo +
RecSys challenge 2017: Offline and online evaluation 1-gen-2017 Yashar Deldjoo +
Current challenges and visions in music recommender systems research 1-gen-2018 Yashar Deldjoo +
Multimedia recommender systems 1-gen-2018 Deldjoo, Yashar +
Audio-visual encoding of multimedia content for enhancing movie recommendations 1-gen-2018 Deldjoo, Yashar +
Content-based multimedia recommendation systems: Definition and application domains 1-gen-2018 Yashar DeldjooGabriella Pasi +
Movie rating prediction using multimedia content and modeling as a classification problem 1-gen-2018 Fatemeh NazaryYashar Deldjoo
The MediaEval 2018 movie recommendation task: Recommending movies using content 1-gen-2018 Yashar Deldjoo +
MMTF-14K: A multifaceted movie trailer feature dataset for recommendation and retrieval 1-gen-2018 Deldjoo, Yashar +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 75
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