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The influence of specimen size on the surface stress distribution induced by indentation testing 1-gen-1997 Ciavarella MDemelio GMonno G +
The influence of rounded edges on indentation by a flat punch 1-gen-1998 Ciavarella MMonno G +
The generalized Cattaneo partial slip plane contact problem. II - Examples 1-gen-1998 Ciavarella M
Contact problems for a wedge with rounded apex 1-gen-1998 Ciavarella MMonno G +
The generalized Cattaneo partial slip plane contact problem. I - Theory 1-gen-1998 Ciavarella M
Tangential loading of general three-dimensional contacts 1-gen-1998 Ciavarella M
On the post-processing of data obtained from cracked components 1-gen-1998 Ciavarella MDemelio GPappalettere C
Strength of Journal Bearings 1-gen-1999 CIAVARELLA, MicheleMONNO, Giuseppe +
Special Issue on Remnant Life 1-gen-1999 Ciavarella M +
Analysis of plane and rough contacts, subject to a shearing force 1-gen-1999 Ciavarella M +
Indentation by nominally flat or conical indenters with rounded corners 1-gen-1999 Ciavarella M
A note on convective effects in elastic contact problems for dissimilar materials 1-gen-1999 Ciavarella M +
On non-symmetrical plane contacts 1-gen-1999 Ciavarella, M.Demelio, G.
Closure to “Discussion of ‘Tangential Loading of General Three-Dimensional Contacts’” (1999, ASME J. Appl. Mech., 66, pp. 1048) 1-gen-1999 Ciavarella M
The use of almost complete Contacts for Fretting Fatigue Tests 1-gen-1999 Ciavarella, M.Demelio, G. +
The design of hydrodynamically lubricated journal bearings against yield 1-gen-1999 Ciavarella MDecuzzi PDemelio GMonno G +
Brief note: Some observations on oscillating tangential forces and wear in general plane contacts 1-gen-1999 Ciavarella M +
The influence of the indenter tip-radius on indentation testing of brittle materials 1-gen-1999 Ciavarella M +
Numerical methods for the optimisation of specific sliding, stress concentration and fatigue life of gears 1-gen-1999 CIAVARELLA, MicheleDEMELIO, Giuseppe Pompeo
Frictionally-excited thermoelastic contact of rough surfaces 1-gen-2000 Ciavarella MDecuzzi PMonno G
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 218
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