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Mesoscopic self-collimation: Beyond the high symmetry constraint 1-gen-2015 Magno G.Grande M.Calo G.Petruzzelli V. +
Integrated plasmonic nanotweezers: Toward the manipulation of nanoobjects 1-gen-2016 Giovanni Magno +
Integrated magnetoplasmonic nanostructures for nonreciprocal optical devices 1-gen-2016 Giovanni Magno +
Full optical confinement in 1D Mesoscopic Photonic Crystal-based microcavities: A preliminary experimental demonstration 1-gen-2016 Magno, G.GRANDE, MarcoCALO', GiovannaPETRUZZELLI, Vincenzo +
Integrated plasmonic nanoantenna for out-of-plane beam steering 1-gen-2016 Giovanni Magno +
Plasmonic nanotweezers composed by a gold dimer for ultra-effective nanoparticles trapping 1-gen-2016 Giovanni Magno +
Optical sensor based on a mesoscopic photonic crystal microcavity 1-gen-2016 Ferrara B.Grande M.Calo G.D'Orazio A.Petruzzelli V.Magno G. +
Integrated plasmonic tweezer for linear repositioning of nanometric objects 1-gen-2016 Magno G. +
Integrated plasmonic nanotweezers for nanoparticle manipulation 1-gen-2016 Giovanni Magno +
Direct observation of optical field phase carving in the vicinity of plasmonic metasurfaces 1-gen-2016 Magno G. +
Strong coupling and vortexes assisted slow light in plasmonic chain-SOI waveguide systems 1-gen-2017 Giovanni Magno +
Integrated gold dimer for efficient tweezing and sensing of a single submicrometric object 1-gen-2017 Magno G. +
Periodic and disordered plasmonic nanostructures arrays for visualization application 1-gen-2017 Giovanni Magno +
Gold thickness impact on the enhancement of SERS detection in low-cost Au/Si nanosensors 1-gen-2017 Magno G. +
Full optical confinement in 1D mesoscopic photonic crystal-based microcavities: an experimental demonstration 1-gen-2017 Grande, M.Ferrara, BenedettaCalò, G.D’Orazio, A.Petruzzelli, V.Magno, G. +
Al/Si nanopillars as very sensitive SERS substrates 1-gen-2018 Giovanni Magno +
Design of waveguides based on self-collimating mesoscopic photonic crystals 1-gen-2018 Ferrara B.Grande M.D'Orazio A.Petruzzelli V.Magno G. +
Correlated Disordered Plasmonic Nanostructures Arrays for Augmented Reality 1-gen-2018 Magno, Giovanni +
Integrated Nanoantenna Gratings for Planar Holographic Signalisation System 1-gen-2018 Giovanni Magno +
Integrated localized plasmonics and applications 1-gen-2018 Giovanni Magno +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 61
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