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Hardware characteristics of a router interconnecting LANs via ATM networks 1-gen-1994 RIZZI, Maria +
A self-routing switch element for photonic generalized shuffle networks 1-gen-1994 B. CastagnoloM. Rizzi +
Design and simulation of optical switches on nonlinear glass 1-gen-1994 Beniamino CastagnoloAntonella D'OrazioVincenzo PetruzzelliMaria Rizzi
Fault-tolerant switches for photonic networks 1-gen-1994 Beniamino CastagnoloMaria RizziMario Nicola Armenise
A new photonic architecture for simple routing processors 1-gen-1995 Castagnolo BeniaminoRizzi Maria +
Extended Starring: a new topology of interconnection multihop lightwave networks 1-gen-1996 Beniamino CastagnoloMaria Rizzi +
GaAs electro-optic grating for waveguide high speed modulation 1-gen-1997 RIZZI, Maria +
Folded EXSTAR: An improved Starring-type multihop lightwave networks 1-gen-1997 RIZZI, Maria +
New intensity GaAs electro-optic modulator realized by intersecting waveguides 1-gen-1997 Beniamino CastagnoloMaria Rizzi +
Arbitrary chirped grating formed by one bent waveguide through a uniform periodic grating 1-gen-1997 Beniamino CastagnoloMaria Rizzi +
EXSTAR: a routing algorithm for starring-type multihop lightwave network 1-gen-1998 Beniamino CastagnoloMaria Rizzi +
Optimum design of GaAs waveguides intersecting modulator 1-gen-1998 Maria RizziBeniamino Castagnolo +
Electro-optic grating for LiNbO3 waveguide high-speed modulation 1-gen-1998 Maria RizziBeniamino Castagnolo +
Analysis and characterization of GaAs Integrated digital circuits 1-gen-2000 Rizzi, M.Castagnolo, B. +
Microwave low noise amplifier: A new formulation for single and two-stage design 1-gen-2000 Rizzi, M.Castagnolo, B. +
Design of convolutional encoders for ultra high speed and optical communications 1-gen-2000 M. RizziB. Castagnolo +
The role of tunability in microwave amplifier synthesis 1-gen-2000 M. RizziB. Castagnolo +
A new self-calibration technique in successive approximation A/D converters 1-gen-2001 RIZZI, Maria +
Electro-optic switch adopting the carrier injection effects 1-gen-2001 Castagnolo, B.Rizzi, M.
Substrate noise reduction in CMOS transistors: a methodology definition 1-gen-2002 RIZZI, Maria +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 109
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