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Exploring and exploiting through external sources: the effect of learning and technological proximity 1-gen-2010 Vito AlbinoAntonio Messeni PetruzzelliDaniele Rotolo
A system dynamics model to analyze technology districts' evolution in a knowledge-based perspective 1-gen-2010 Garavelli, Achille ClaudioPetruzzelli, Antonio Messeni +
Analyzing the environmental impact of transportation in reengineered supply chains: A case study of a leather upholstery company 1-gen-2011 Yazan, Devrim MuratMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioALBINO, Vito
Logistics flows and enterprise input-output models: aggregate and disaggregate analysis 1-gen-2011 ALBINO, VitoYAZAN, DEVRIM MURATMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Antonio +
The impact of technological relatedness, prior ties, and geographical distance on university-industry collaborations: A joint-patent analysis 1-gen-2011 MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Antonio
In search of alliance-level relational capabilities: Balancing innovation value creation and appropriability in R&D alliances 1-gen-2011 MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Antonio +
The effect of spatial variables on the economic and environmental performance of bioenergy production chains 1-gen-2011 YAZAN, DEVRIM MURATGARAVELLI, Achille ClaudioMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioALBINO, Vito
Organizational factors and technological features in the development of green innovations: evidence from patent analysis 1-gen-2011 MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioRotolo, DanieleALBINO, Vito +
Timing of search and innovation. The moderating effect of firm age and size 1-gen-2012 ALBINO, VitoMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Antonio +
Bridging the Boundaries of Science and Technology: Author-Inventors and Quality of Inventions 1-gen-2012 Daniele Sandro RotoloAntonio Messeni Petruzzelli +
The impact of old technologies on innovation. The case of the U.S. biotechnology industry 1-gen-2012 MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioRotolo, DanieleALBINO, Vito
When Tradition Turns Into Innovation : How Firms Can Create and Appropriate Value Through Tradition 1-gen-2012 Antonio Messeni PetruzzelliVito Albino
Spanning Boundaries: The Role of Publishing Inventors in R&D Teams 1-gen-2013 Daniele Sandro RotoloAntonio Messeni Petruzzelli +
Benefiting from markets for ideas - An investigation across different typologies 1-gen-2013 GARAVELLI, Achille ClaudioMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioNATALICCHIO, Angelo +
When does centrality matter? Scientific productivity and the moderating role of research specialization and cross-community ties 1-gen-2013 ROTOLO, DANIELEMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Antonio
Success factors of invention commercialization via new prodcuts: a systematic review and research agenda 1-gen-2014 Lorenzo ArditoAntonio Messeni PetruzzelliVito Albino
Exploration vs. Exploitation Strategies for Local Development: An Empirical Study in Italy 1-gen-2014 Messeni Petruzzelli, AntonioCarbonara, N.
Search, recombination, and innovation: Lessons from haute cuisine 1-gen-2014 MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioSAVINO, Tommaso
Partner geographic and organizational proximity and the innovative performance of knowledge-creating alliances 1-gen-2014 MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Antonio +
Understanding the development trends of low-carbon energy technologies: A patent analysis 1-gen-2014 Albino VArdito LMesseni Petruzzelli ADangelico RM
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 137
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