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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Integrated biological and ozone treatment of printing textile wastewater 1-gen-2012 FRATINO, Umberto +
Kinetic modeling of benzyl alcohol and/or benzaldehyde selective oxidation in water by means of TiO2/CuII/hν process 1-gen-2012 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Kinetic modeling of partial oxidation of benzyl alcohol in water by means of Fe(III)/O<inf>2</inf>/UV-solar simulated process 1-gen-2014 SPASIANO, Danilo +
A kinetic study of the simultaneous removal of EDDS and cupric ions from acidic aqueous solutions by TiO2-based photocatalysis under artificial solar light irradiation and deaerated batch conditions 1-gen-2015 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Modeling virus transport and inactivation in a fluoropolymer tube UV photoreactor using Computational Fluid Dynamics 1-gen-2010 NOTARNICOLA, Michele +
Phase change materials stabilized by porous metal supramolecular gels: Gelation effect on loading capacity and thermal performance 1-gen-2020 Berardi U. +
Resilient photoswitchable metal–organic frameworks for sunlight-induced on-demand photochromism in the solid state 1-gen-2023 Tricarico, Michele +
The role of superficial radicals in the kinetic modeling of 3-pyridinemethanol and 3-pyridinecarboxyaldehyde selective oxidation to vitamin B3 in water by means of a TiO2/Cu(II)/UV-solar photocatalytic system 1-gen-2016 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde in water by TiO2/Cu(II)/UV solar system 1-gen-2011 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Unravelling the impact of oxic-settling-anaerobic cycle implementation and solid retention time on sludge generation, membrane operation, and contaminant removal in membrane bioreactors In corso di stampa Morello, RaffaeleFratino, UmbertoSpasiano, Danilo +
Valorisation of fly ash by mechano-chemical activation. Part I. Enhancing adsorption capacity 1-gen-2009 NOTARNICOLA, Michele +
Valorization of coal fly ash by mechano-chemical activation. Part II. Enhancing pozzolanic reactivity 1-gen-2009 NOTARNICOLA, Michele +
Mostrati risultati da 4 a 15 di 15
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