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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Impact response of polyethylene sandwich panel obtained by rotational moulding 1-gen-2014 CASAVOLA, CaterinaMORAMARCO, VincenzoPAPPALETTERE, Carmine
Influence of tartaric-sulfuric acid anodic film on four-point bending fatigue behavior of AA 7050-T7451 samples 1-gen-2022 Attolico M. A.Casavola C.Moramarco V.Renna G. +
Is the temperature plateau of a self-heating test a robust parameter to investigate the fatigue limit of steels with thermography? 1-gen-2018 de Finis, R.Palumbo, D.Galietti, U. +
A local strain method for the evaluation of welded joints fatigue resistance: the case of thin main-plates thickness 1-gen-2005 Casavola, C.Pappalettere, C. +
A multianalysis thermography-based approach for fatigue and damage investigations of ASTM A182 F6NM steel at two stress ratios 1-gen-2019 De Finis, RosaPalumbo, DavideGalietti, Umberto
On the connection between Palmgren-Miner rule and crack propagation laws 1-gen-2018 Ciavarella M.D'antuono P.Papangelo A.
On the Ekberg, Kabo and Andersson calculation of the Dang Van high cycle fatigue limit for rolling contact fatigue 1-gen-2004 Ciavarella M +
On the relationship between mechanical energy rate and heat dissipated rate during fatigue for a C45 steel depending on stress ratio 1-gen-2021 Rosa De FinisDavide PalumboUmberto Galietti
A refined CLNA model in fretting fatigue using asymptotic characterization of the contact stress fields 1-gen-2005 Ciavarella, M. +
A simple approximate expression for finite life fatigue behaviour in the presence of 'crack-like' or 'blunt' notches 1-gen-2012 CIAVARELLA, Michele
Thermoelastic Phase Analysis (TPA): A new method for fatigue behaviour analysis of steels 1-gen-2016 PALUMBO, DavideGALIETTI, Umberto
Mostrati risultati da 3 a 13 di 13
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