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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
How geodesy can contribute to the understanding and prediction of earthquakes 1-gen-2018 Andrea Nascetti +
How Geometric Misalignments can affect the Accuracy of Measurements by a Novel Configuration of Self-Tracking LDV 1-gen-2014 Fabbiano L.VACCA, Gaetano +
How intelligent is Watson? Enabling digital transformation through artificial intelligence 1-gen-2019 Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli +
How lean thinking affects product service systems development process 1-gen-2015 Sassanelli, Claudio +
How Lean Thinking affects Product Service Systems Development Process 1-gen-2015 SASSANELLI, CLAUDIO +
How manufacturers link advanced services and service expansion 1-gen-2016 BENEDETTINI, Ornella +
How measure estate value in the big apple? Walking along districts of Manhattan 1-gen-2011 Torre, Carmelo Maria
How much is sustainable producing low-cost adsorbents for wastewater treatment? A comparative evaluation 1-gen-2017 De Gisi, SabinoNotarnicola, Michele
How Negotiation Influences the Effective Adoption of the Revenue Sharing Contract: A Multi-Agent Systems Approach 1-gen-2008 Ilaria GiannoccaroPierpaolo Pontrandolfo
How open are urban labs? The case of Manifesto della Città Vecchia e del Mare 1-gen-2015 Bellantuono, N.Pontrandolfo, P.Scozzi, B.
How simplifying a condition monitoring procedure affects its performances 1-gen-2021 Antonella Gaspari +
How social network features and organizational structure impact team performance in uncertain environments 1-gen-2017 de Vincenzo, I.Giannoccaro, I.Carbone, G.
How social start-ups avoid being falling stars when developing social innovation 1-gen-2021 Dangelico R. M. +
How the Calcination Procedure Affects the Morphology and the Catalytic Activity of Polymer-Supported Nickel Nanoparticles 1-gen-2021 Ambra M. FioreGiuseppe RomanazziValentina PetrelliMatilda MaliPiero MastrorilliMaria Michela Dell'Anna +
How to analyze the calibration quality of optical instruments using only hardware noise and its β-distribution? 1-gen-2018 A. D'OrazioG. MaioneP. LinoM. Grande +
How to Build Territorial Networks: Criteria for the Evaluation of the Networking Potential for Local Self-sustainable Development 1-gen-2014 Pierangela LoconteFrancesco Selicato
How to combine visual features with tags to improve movie recommendation accuracy? 1-gen-2017 Yashar Deldjoo +
How to Define Priorities in Coastal Vulnerability Assessment 1-gen-2018 De Serio, FrancescaArmenio, ElviraMossa, MichelePetrillo, Antonio Felice
How to directly measure the mean flow velocity in square cross-section pipes 1-gen-2016 Fabbiano LVACCA, Gaetano +
How to find the best fish market in Sorrento? 1-gen-2014 Di Noia, T. +
Mostrati risultati da 11.240 a 11.259 di 29.550
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