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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutoriFile
1An innovative decision-making approach for a sustainable building design2018Ardito, Giuseppe    Open Access
2Parametric Design Optimization of Multiple-repair Composite Structures2018Ficarella, Elisa    Open Access
3Designing Energy Harvesting-Low Power Wide Area Networks; A Feasibility Analysis2018Sherazi, Hafiz Husnain Raza    Open Access
4Port Choice Model for Feeder ship, based on a Dynamic Accessibility Indicator (PCM-DAI)2018Sinesi, Stefania    Open Access
5Sustainable remediation technologies for contaminated marine sediments: experimental investigation2018Todaro, Francesco    Open Access
6Sequencing Batch Biofilter Granular Reactor (SBBGR) for wastewater treatment and irrigation reuse2018Chimienti, Silvia    Open Access
7Advanced Computer Technologies for Integrated Agro-Hydrologic Systems Modeling: Coupled Crop and Hydrologic Models for Agricultural Intensification Impacts Assessment2018Siad, Si Mokrane    Open Access
8System dynamic approach to evaluate socio-economic-environmental factors influencing sustainability of water use in agricultural production2018De Vito, Rossella    Open Access
9Using nonlinear optimization to understand coherent structures in turbulence and transition2018Farano, Mirko    Open Access
10Development of NOx Estimator ECU Models for SCR After Treatment System in a Diesel Engine2018Ciliberti, Patrizia Domenica    Open Access
11Evolution of the clay micro-structure in compression and shearing loading paths2018Guglielmi, Simona    Open Access
12Evaluation of the most suitable mode of transport under Uncertainty. Dempster Shafer Theory applied to Analytical Hierarchy Process and Transformable Belief Model2018Altieri, Maria Giovanna    Open Access
13Integrated waste management system and new business pattern: strategies and modelling towards Circular Economy2018Verriello, Rossella    Open Access
14Methodologies and experiences for design, planning and operation in Microgrid framework2018Aluisio, Benedetto    Open Access
15Improvement of diesel engines efficiency driving the fuel pump with an electrical machine2018Caldori, Pasquale    Open Access
16Power Converters and Control Systems for DC Smart Grids and Smart Transformers Applications2018Pugliese, Sante    Open Access
17Modeling non-premixed flames in the presence of electric fields2018Di Renzo, Mario    Open Access
18Geotechnical characterization of a polluted marine basin2018Sollecito, Francesca    Open Access
19Multidimensional Dynamic Analysis of Human Brain Connectivity2018Lombardi, Angela    Open Access
20Application and processing of Time Domain Reflectometry: a model-based approach2018D'Aucelli, Giuseppe Maria    Open Access