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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutoriFile
1Object (B)logging: a Semantic-Based Self-Description for Cyber-Physical Systems2020Capurso, Giovanna    Open Access
2Semantics-Aware Autoencoder2020Bellini, Vito    Open Access
3Knowledge-Enabled Recommender Systems in the Linked Data Era2020Anelli, Vito Walter    Open Access
4On the use of TCEV and Kappa four-parameter distributions for at-site flood frequency analysis2020Totaro, Vincenzo    Open Access
5Sustainable Permeable Asphalt System on Road Infrastructures2020Fedele, Veronica    Open Access
6Mechanical aspects of biological and biomedical systems2020Cianci, Claudia    Open Access
7Chemical reactions catalysed by metal nanoparticles under sustainable conditions2020Fiore, Ambra Maria    Open Access
8Sustainable Logistics in Urban Areas: Innovative Approaches for Externalities Reduction in Smart Cities2020Silvestri, Bartolomeo    Open Access
9Intelligent Frameworks for Diagnosis in the Precision Medicine Era2020Brunetti, Antonio    Open Access
10Thermography for defect detection and structural integrity analysis: comparison of new and established methods and novel procedures for a robust quantitative assessment2020D'Accardi, Ester    Open Access
11Small-scale biomass power plant for distributed energy generation2020Sorrentino, Arianna    Open Access
12A mesoscopic simulation model for dynamic network loading and spillback queuing assessment in a multiclass environment2020Alnajajreh, Abedelkareem J M    Open Access
13Integrating temporal probability in landslide hazard evaluation towards the assessment of the economic risk at regional scale2020Parisi, Alessandro    Open Access
14Investigating experiential knowledge for Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean2020Motta Zanin, Giulia    Open Access
15On the Electrical Aging of the Insulation in PWM-Fed High-Speed Electric Machines: Analysis, Modelling, and Mitigation2020Leuzzi, Riccardo    Open Access
16Innovative optoelectronic and photonic devices and systems for Space applications2020Brunetti, Giuseppe    Open Access
17Design and Characterization of Microwave and Optical Resonators for Biomedical Applications2020Laneve, Dario    Open Access
18A study of the effect of parasitic elements on the timing performance of SiPM readout electronics2020Calo', Pietro Antonio Paolo    Open Access
19Structural safety assessment of existing structures: Italian Reinforced Concrete Buildings of first 20th century2019Forte, Angelo    Open Access
20Design and evaluation of technical components building the flexible 5G radio interface supporting heterogeneous use cases2019Grassi, Alessandro    Open Access