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Prodotti più visti
  • Numerical model of CO2 thermoplastics laser welding
  • Thermodynamic analysis of a small scale combined cycle for energy generation from carbon neutral biomass
  • Robust optimization of ORC turbine expanders
  • Exergetic model as a guideline for implementing the smart-factory paradigm in small medium enterprises: The Brovedani case
  • Mechanical Hybrid KERS Based on Toroidal Traction Drives: An Example of Smart Tribological Design to Improve Terrestrial Vehicle Performance
  • Future Energy Systems Integrating Renewable Energy Sources into the Smart Power Grid Through Industrial Electronics
  • Do inter-organizational collaborations enhance a firm’s environmental performance? A study of the largest U.S. companies
  • Effect of the Ratio Spread of CVU in Automotive Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems
  • Stabilisation of Mixtures of RDF Fly Ash and Lime/Brick Hydraulic Binder
  • Spacedesign: A Mixed Reality Workspace for Aesthetic Industrial Design
Prodotti più scaricati
  • Recupero delle acque piovane per uso domestico nell’area mediterranea
  • Movie genome: alleviating new item cold start in movie recommendation
  • Landslide-generated tsunamis runup at the coast of a conical island: New physical model experiments
  • Jet energy scale and resolution in the CMS experiment in pp collisions at 8 TeV
  • The implementation of automatic diagnostics and monitoring towards Diagnosis-Aided Historic Building Information Modelling and Management
  • CO2 employment as refrigerant fluid with a low environmental impact. Experimental tests on arugula and design criteria for a test bench
  • Lo spazio monumentale nella città tardoaantica. Architettura e immagine di piazze e vie colonnate nei grandi centri del Mediterraneo Orientale
  • BIM-led LCA: Feasibility of improving Life Cycle Assessment through Building Information Modelling during the building design process
  • Abitare e costruire in un Paese antico. Sicurezza e identità: il progetto di mitigazione sismica della città appenninica come rafforzamento dei suoi caratteri identitari
  • Application Of Thermal Methods Based On Infrared Thermography For The Mechanical Characterisation Of Materials