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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Analysis Techniques for Detection of IM Broken Rotor Bars After Supply Disconnection 1-gen-2003 CUPERTINO, FrancescoSTASI, Silvio +
A current-sensorless three-phase active rectifier with fuzzy-logic control 1-gen-2004 Dell'Aquila, ALiserre, M +
Design and control of a three-phase active rectifier under non-ideal operating conditions 1-gen-2002 M. LiserreA. Dell'Aquila +
Design and Control of an LCL-filter Based Three-phase Active Rectifier 1-gen-2001 LISERRE, Marco +
Design of Four Fuzzy Controllers for Induction Motor Drives 1-gen-2000 STASI, Silvio +
Design of h-bridge multilevel active rectifier for traction systems 1-gen-2002 A. Dell'AquilaV. MonopoliM. Liserre +
A fuzzy logic CC-PWM three-phase AC/DC converter 1-gen-2000 A. Dell'AquilaM. Liserre +
Grid impedance detection via excitation of LCL-filter resonance 1-gen-2005 M. Liserre +
Improved Rotor Speed Estimation Using Two Kalman Filter-Based Algorithms 1-gen-2001 STASI, SilvioCUPERTINO, Francesco +
Linear and Nonlinear Control of Distributed Power Generation Systems 1-gen-2006 Marco Liserre +
A low cost fuzzy logic active rectifier 1-gen-2001 A. Dell'AquilaM. Liserre +
Microcontroller-based fuzzy logic active filter for selective harmonic compensation 1-gen-2003 A. Dell'AquilaM. Liserre +
On-line and Off-line Control Design in Power Electronics and Drives Using Genetic Algorithms 1-gen-2004 CUPERTINO, Francesco +
Sensorless Control of Linear Tubular Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Using Pulsating Signal Injection 1-gen-2008 CUPERTINO, FrancescoSTASI, Silvio +
Sliding mode control with double boundary layer for robust compensation of payload mass and friction in linear motors 1-gen-2008 CUPERTINO, FrancescoNASO, DavidTURCHIANO, Biagio +
A stable three-phase LCL-filter based active rectifier without damping 1-gen-2003 M. LiserreA. Dell'Aquila +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 16 di 16
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