Monopoli, Vito Giuseppe

Monopoli, Vito Giuseppe  

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e dell'Informazione  

Settore ING-IND/32 - Convertitori, Macchine e Azionamenti Elettrici  

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A design method for the cogging torque minimization of permanent magnet machines with a segmented stator core based on ann surrogate models 1-gen-2021 Brescia, EliaCostantino, DonatelloMassenio, Paolo RobertoMonopoli, Vito GiuseppeCupertino, FrancescoCascella, Giuseppe Leonardo
A discontinuous carrier-based multilevel modulation for multilevel converters 1-gen-2004 A. Dell'AquilaM. LiserreV. G. Monopoli +
A Generalised Hybrid Multilevel Modulation Technique Developed in Case of Non-Integer Ratio Among the dc-Link Voltages 1-gen-2005 M. LiserreV. G. MonopoliA. Dell'Aquila +
A low frequency predictive current control for multilevel active rectifiers 1-gen-2004 MONOPOLI, Vito Giuseppe +
A Method for the Parameter Identification of an AC Motor High-Frequency Model Based on the Exchange Market Algorithm 1-gen-2022 Bruno L.Monopoli V. G.
A multilevel front-end stage for traction systems with a passivity-based controller 1-gen-2003 A. Dell' AquilaM. LiserreV. G. Monopoli +
A new index to measure unbalance conditions in three-phase four-wire systems 1-gen-2002 MONOPOLI, Vito Giuseppe +
A passivity-based control for a H-bridge multilevel rectifier 1-gen-2004 LISERRE, MarcoMONOPOLI, Vito Giuseppe +
A passivity-based multilevel active rectifier with adaptive compensation for traction applications 1-gen-2003 Monopoli VG +
A Review on Model Predictive Control and its Applications in Power Electronics 1-gen-2019 Borreggine, SimoneMonopoli, Vito GiuseppeNaso, DavidCupertino, Francesco +
A Si-IGBT-Based Solution to Drive High-Speed Electrical Machines 1-gen-2019 Monopoli, Vito GiuseppeCupertino, Francesco +
A Study on Different Modulation Techniques in Presence of Resonant Controllers Applied to Active Power Filters 1-gen-2006 A. Dell'AquilaV. G. Monopoli +
Active Ageing Control of Winding Insulation in High Frequency Electric Drives 1-gen-2018 Leuzzi, RiccardoMonopoli, Vito GiuseppeCupertino, Francesco +
Active Front End Adjustable Speed Drives Under Grid Voltage Sags: Effects and Dynamical Performance Evaluation 1-gen-2005 A. Dell'AquilaM. LiserreV. G. Monopoli
An adaptive energy-based control of a multilevel rectifier 1-gen-2003 LISERRE, MarcoMONOPOLI, Vito Giuseppe +
An energy-based control for an n-H-bridges multilevel active rectifier 1-gen-2005 Monopoli, V. G. +
An unity power factor front-end rectifier for DC power systems 1-gen-2003 LISERRE, MarcoMONOPOLI, Vito Giuseppe +
Analysis and Detection of Electrical Aging Effects on High-Speed Motor Insulation 1-gen-2019 Monopoli, Vito GiuseppeCupertino, Francesco +
Analysis of a universal inverter working in grid-connected, stand-alone and micro-grid 1-gen-2010 MONOPOLI, Vito GiuseppeLISERRE, Marco +
Analytical and simulation fair comparison of three level Si IGBT based NPC topologies and two level SiC MOSFET based topology for high speed drives 1-gen-2019 Jelena LoncarskiVito Giuseppe MonopoliFrancesco Cupertino +