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A Unified Model Predictive Control for the Grid Integration of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries 1-gen-2022 Leuzzi R. +
Active Ageing Control of Winding Insulation in High Frequency Electric Drives 1-gen-2018 Leuzzi, RiccardoMonopoli, Vito GiuseppeCupertino, Francesco +
Analysis of overload and sensorless control capability of PM-assisted synchronous reluctance machines 1-gen-2017 Leuzzi R.Cagnetta P.Cupertino F. +
Control of a Dual Fed Open End Winding SPMSM with a Floating Capacitor 1-gen-2020 Leuzzi R. +
Direct AC charging of EV Reconfigurable Cascaded Multilevel Converter 1-gen-2022 Leuzzi R. +
Effects of Electrical Ageing on Winding Insulation in High-Speed Motors: Analysis and Modelling 1-gen-2018 Leuzzi, RiccardoMonopoli, Vito GiuseppeCupertino, Francesco +
High-Speed Machines: Typologies, Standards, and Operation under PWM Supply 1-gen-2018 Leuzzi, RiccardoMonopoli, Vito GiuseppeCupertino, Francesco +
Integrated Control Strategy Supporting the Optimal Management of a 3-kW Vanadium Redox Flow Battery: a Case Study for an Islanded DC Microgrid 1-gen-2022 Leuzzi R. +
Model predictive Control of a Double Stage AC-DC Converter for Grid-Interface of Vanadium Flow Batteries 1-gen-2021 Leuzzi R. +
Novel 6-slot 4-pole dual-stator flux-switching permanent magnet machine comparison studies for high-speed applications 1-gen-2016 Leuzzi R. +
On the Electrical Aging of the Insulation in PWM-Fed High-Speed Electric Machines: Analysis, Modelling, and Mitigation 1-gen-2020 Leuzzi, Riccardo
Operation analysis and comparison of Multilevel Si IGBT and 2-level SiC MOSFET inverter-based high-speed drives with long power cable 1-gen-2019 Loncarski, JelenaVito Giuseppe MonopoliRiccardo LeuzziFrancesco Cupertino
Performance assessment of ferrite- and neodymium-assisted synchronous reluctance machines 1-gen-2017 Leuzzi R.Cagnetta P.Cupertino F. +
Performance evaluation of a hybrid-excited flux-switching PM motor for traction applications 1-gen-2016 Leuzzi R. +
Power Electronics Converters for the Internet of Energy: A Review 1-gen-2022 Leuzzi, Riccardo +
Reconfigurable Cascaded Multilevel Converter design for Battery Energy System Storage 1-gen-2022 Leuzzi R. +
Reconfigurable Cascaded Multilevel Converter: A New Topology for EV Powertrain 1-gen-2021 Leuzzi R. +
Self-Tuning Finite-State Model Predictive Control with Grid Impedance Estimation in a Grid-Tied Inverter 1-gen-2022 Leuzzi R. +
SOC governed algorithm for an EV Cascaded H-Bridge connected to a DC charger 1-gen-2022 Leuzzi R. +
Stability Assessment Study for a Triple-Stage Three-Phase Solid-State Transformer 1-gen-2022 Leuzzi R. +