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Miniaturized Optoelectronic Gyroscopes for Aerospace & Defense 1-gen-2014 G. BRUNETTICIMINELLI, CaterinaDell'Olio, Francesco +
Modelling and design of a new nanophotonic/plasmonic resonant biosensor for optical trapping and monitoring of nanoparticles 1-gen-2014 G. BRUNETTICIMINELLI, CaterinaDell'Olio, Francesco +
Photonic sensors for hypersonic vehicle guidance/control and structural health monitoring 1-gen-2016 CIMINELLI, CaterinaDELL'OLIO, FrancescoCONTEDUCA, DonatoINNONE, FILOMENABrunetti, G.ARMENISE, Mario Nicola
Rigorous model for the design of ultra-high Q-factor resonant cavities 1-gen-2016 CIMINELLI, CaterinaINNONE, FILOMENABrunetti, GiuseppeCONTEDUCA, DonatoDELL'OLIO, FrancescoARMENISE, Mario Nicola +
Emerging applications of Whispering Gallery Mode photonic resonators 1-gen-2017 Ciminelli, C.Brunetti, G.Dell’Olio, F.Innone, F.Conteduca, D.Armenise, M. N.
Photonic, plasmonic and hybrid nanotweezers for single nanoparticle trapping and manipulation 1-gen-2017 Ciminelli, CaterinaConteduca, DonatoDell'Olio, FrancescoBrunetti, GiuseppeArmenise, Mario Nicola +
Planar photonic gyroscopes for satellite attitude control 1-gen-2017 Dell'Olio, FrancescoBrunetti, GiuseppeConteduca, DonatoSasanelli, NicolaCiminelli, CaterinaArmenise, Mario Nicola
New microwave photonic filter based on a ring resonator including a photonic crystal structure 1-gen-2017 Ciminelli, CaterinaDell'Olio, FrancescoBrunetti, GiuseppeConteduca, DonatoArmenise, Mario Nicola
Silicon electro-optically tunable delay line 1-gen-2018 Brunetti, G.Conteduca, D.Dell'Olio, F.Ciminelli, C.Armenise, M. N.
Design of an ultra-compact graphene-based integrated microphotonic tunable delay line 1-gen-2018 Giuseppe BrunettiDonato ConteducaFrancesco Dell'OlioCaterina CiminelliMario N. Armenise
Novel CMOS-Compatible Athermal and Polarization-Insensitive Ring Resonator as Photonic Notch Filter 1-gen-2018 DellOlio, FrancescoConteduca, DonatoBrunetti, GiuseppeArmenise, Mario NicolaCiminelli, Caterina
Graphene/Silicon Schottky Junction Solar Cells 1-gen-2018 Ciminelli, CaterinaDell'Olio, FrancescoBrunetti, GiuseppeConteduca, DonatoArmenise, Mario N.
Integrated Microphotonic Tuneable Delay Lines for Beam Steering in Phased Array Antennas 1-gen-2018 Ciminelli, CaterinaBrunetti, GiuseppeConteduca, DonatoDell'Olio, FrancescoArmenise, Mario N.
Chirped Microwave Waveform Generation with High Spectral Purity 1-gen-2019 C. CIMINELLIF. DELL'OLIOG. BRUNETTI +
Microphotonics sub-systems for Syntetic Aperture Radar payloads 1-gen-2019 F. DELL'OLIOG. BRUNETTIC. CIMINELLI +
Integrated microphotonic switching matrices for flexible and broadband telecom satellite payloads 1-gen-2019 Caterina CiminelliFrancesco Dell’OlioGiuseppe BrunettiAlessandro Di BenedettoMario N. Armenise
Microphotonics-based architectures of mini-SAR payloads 1-gen-2019 Mario Nicola ArmeniseFrancesco Dell’OlioCaterina CiminelliCiro GaleoneGiuseppe Brunetti
Integrated microwave photonics: Overview and promising space applications 1-gen-2019 F. Dell’OlioG. BrunettiD. ConteducaGiovinazzi, Noe'N. SasanelliC. CiminelliM. N. Armenise
Monitoring of individual bacteria using electro-photonic traps 1-gen-2019 Donato ConteducaGiuseppe BrunettiFrancesco Dell’OlioMario N. ArmeniseCaterina Ciminelli +
Electro-photonic chip-scale microsystem for label-free single bacteria monitoring 1-gen-2019 Francesco Dell’OlioDonato ConteducaGiuseppe BrunettiCaterina CiminelliMario N. Armenise +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 39
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