Dell'Olio, Francesco

Dell'Olio, Francesco  

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A consumer wearable device for tracking sleep respiratory events 1-gen-2022 Dell'Olio F. +
A High-Q InP Resonant Angular Velocity Sensor for a Monolithically Integrated Optical Gyroscope 1-gen-2016 CIMINELLI, CaterinaDELL'OLIO, FrancescoCONTEDUCA, DonatoARMENISE, Mario Nicola +
A novel passive ring resonator gyroscope 1-gen-2009 CIMINELLI, CaterinaCAMPANELLA, Carlo EdoardoDELL'OLIO, FrancescoPASSARO, VittorioARMENISE, Mario Nicola
Accurate Dynamic Model of DFB lasers 1-gen-2011 CIMINELLI, CaterinaDELL'OLIO, FrancescoARMENISE, Mario Nicola
Advances in Gyroscope Technologies 1-gen-2010 ARMENISE, Mario NicolaCIMINELLI, CaterinaDELL'OLIO, FrancescoPASSARO, Vittorio
All-Dielectric Metasurface Based on Complementary Split-Ring Resonators for Refractive Index Sensing 1-gen-2022 Dell'Olio F. +
All-Dielectric Slot Metasurface with Ultra-High-Q resonances 1-gen-2021 DellOlio, Francesco +
Ammonia Optical Sensing by Microring Resonators 1-gen-2007 PASSARO, VittorioDell'Olio, FrancescoDE LEONARDIS, Francesco
Ammonia optical sensor based on a microring resonator 1-gen-2006 Dell'Olio, FrancescoPASSARO, VittorioDE LEONARDIS, Francesco
Analogue of electromagnetically induced transparency in square slotted silicon metasurfaces supporting bound states in the continuum 1-gen-2022 Dell'Olio F. +
Backscattering noise control in the readout circuit of innovative optoelectronic resonant gyroscopes 1-gen-2014 DELL'OLIO, FrancescoDI NISIO, AttilioLINO, PaoloCIMINELLI, CaterinaARMENISE, Mario Nicola +
Chirped Microwave Waveform Generation with High Spectral Purity 1-gen-2019 C. CIMINELLIF. DELL'OLIOG. BRUNETTI +
Comprehensive mathematical modelling of ultra-high Q grating-assisted ring resonators 1-gen-2020 Brunetti, GiuseppeDell’ Olio, FrancescoConteduca, DonatoArmenise, Mario NicolaCiminelli, Caterina
Coupled ring resonators: physical effects and potential applications 1-gen-2012 Ciminelli, C.Dell’Olio, F.Campanella, C. E.Armenise, M. N.
Design and optimization of a fiber optic data link for new generation on-board SAR processing architectures 1-gen-2012 CIMINELLI, CaterinaDELL'OLIO, FrancescoARMENISE, Mario Nicola +
Design and optimization of high-Q InGaAsP/InP ring resonators 1-gen-2008 CIMINELLI, CaterinaDell'Olio, FrancescoPASSARO, Vittorio +
Design of a high performance optical tweezer for nanoparticle trapping 1-gen-2015 CONTEDUCA, DonatoDELL'OLIO, FrancescoCIMINELLI, CaterinaARMENISE, Mario Nicola +
Design of a high performance optical tweezer for nanoparticle trapping 1-gen-2016 CONTEDUCA, DonatoDELL'OLIO, FrancescoCIMINELLI, CaterinaARMENISE, Mario Nicola +
Design of a label-free multiplexed biosensing platform based on an ultracompact plasmonic resonant cavity 1-gen-2019 Dell’Olio, FrancescoConteduca, DonatoSasanelli, NicolaCiminelli, Caterina +
Design of a lithium niobate 2D E-field photonic probe 1-gen-2012 C. CiminelliF. Dell'OlioM. N. Armenise