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Numerical Methods for Dynamical Systems in the Lorentz Group 1-gen-2001 Politi, T. +
Piecewise Interpolants on Matrix Lie Groups 1-gen-2001 Politi, T. +
An upper bound for the condition number of a matrix in spectral norm 1-gen-2002 Piazza GPoliti T
A Fortran90 Routine for the Solution of Orthogonal Differential Problems 1-gen-2002 T. Politi +
A Fixed Point Homotopy Method for Efficient Time-Domain Simulation of Power Electronic Circuits 1-gen-2002 E. ChiarantoniG. FornarelliS. VerguraT. Politi
Applying Stabilization Techniques to Orthogonal Gradient Flows 1-gen-2003 POLITI, Tiziano +
Special Issue on Geometric Numerical Algorithms 1-gen-2003 T. Politi +
A Discrete Approach for the Inverse Singular Value Problem in Some Quadratic Group 1-gen-2003 Tiziano Politi
Geometric Numerical Algorithms 1-gen-2003 Politi, T. +
Applying fixed point homotopy to nonlinear DAEs deriving from switching circuits 1-gen-2003 Chiarantoni, E.Fornarelli, G.Vergura, S.Politi, T.
A Continuous Technique for the Weighted Low-Rank Approximation Problem 1-gen-2004 Tiziano Politi +
On the Semigroup of Standard Symplectic Matrices and its Applications 1-gen-2004 Politi, T. +
Optical Flows Estimation via Neural Singular Value Decomposition Learning 1-gen-2004 POLITI, Tiziano +
A Continuous Approach for the Computation of the Hyperbolic Singular Value Decomposition 1-gen-2004 Tiziano Politi
On the Low Rank Approximation of Data on the Unit Sphere 1-gen-2005 Politi, T. +
A Continuous Weighted Low-Rank Approximation for Collaborative Filtering Problems 1-gen-2005 Tiziano Politi +
An Algorithm for the Computation of the G-Singular Values of a Matrix 1-gen-2006 PIAZZA, GiuseppePOLITI, Tiziano +
Special Issue: International Workshop on the Techologocal Aspects of Mathematica 1-gen-2006 Tiziano Politi +
On the Solution of Skew-Symmetric Shifted Linear Systems 1-gen-2006 Politi, T. +
Numerical Methods for Structured Systems 1-gen-2006 T. Politi +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 65
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