Vergura, Silvano

Vergura, Silvano  

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3-D Analysis For ELF Magnetic Fields Mitigation Problems By Using Active Shielding 1-gen-2007 ACCIANI, GiuseppeMARZOCCA, CristoforoVERGURA, Silvano +
3-D PV-cell model by means of FEM 1-gen-2009 VERGURA, SilvanoACCIANI, Giuseppe +
3D performance analysis of a concentrating solar power plant based on a MATLAB model 1-gen-2015 VERGURA, Silvano
A combined PV-wind energy system for an energy saving greenhouse 1-gen-2020 Silvano Vergura +
A complete and simplified datasheet-based model of PV cells in variable environmental conditions for circuit simulation 1-gen-2016 VERGURA, Silvano
A Diagnostic Workflow and Software Platform for PV Modules 1-gen-2014 Vergura SMarino F
A feature extraction unsupervised neural network for an environmental data set 1-gen-2003 Acciani, G.Vergura, S. +
A Finite-Element Approach to Analyze the Thermal Effect of Defects on Silicon-Based PV Cells 1-gen-2012 VERGURA, SilvanoACCIANI, Giuseppe +
A Fixed Point Homotopy Method for Efficient Time-Domain Simulation of Power Electronic Circuits 1-gen-2002 E. ChiarantoniG. FornarelliS. VerguraT. Politi
A GUI based analysis of infrared images of PV modules 1-gen-2015 VERGURA, SilvanoMARINO, Francescomaria +
A homotopy function for transient analysis of switching circuits 1-gen-2005 G. AccianiE. ChiarantoniG. FornarelliS. Vergura
A hybrid Memristor/MTJ simulation framework for nano-oscillator devices 1-gen-2018 S. VerguraM. Carpentieri +
A New Method For Efficient Time-Domain Simulation Of Power Electronic Circuits 1-gen-2002 Chiarantoni, E.Fornarelli, G.Vergura, S.
A Nonlinear and Non-Stationary Signal Analysis for Accurate Power Quality Monitoring in Smart Grids 1-gen-2014 VERGURA, SilvanoCARPENTIERI, Mario +
A Quantitative and Computer-Aided Thermography-Based Diagnostics for PV Devices—Part II: Platform and Results 1-gen-2017 VERGURA, SilvanoMARINO, Francescomaria +
A time-frequency analysis of electrical users by means of Fourier and Wavelet transforms 1-gen-2016 VERGURA, SilvanoCARPENTIERI, MarioPuliafito, Vito
A topological approach to the analysis of switching circuits 1-gen-2002 CHIARANTONI, ErnestoFornarelli, GirolamoVergura, S.
Adjoint network theory to analyse the power converters with respect to their line-side behaviour 1-gen-2007 Silvano VerguraMarco LiserreFrancesco Vacca
Analisi di piccolo segnale per convertitori PWM ac/dc e dc/ac con la tecnica del frequency-shift 1-gen-2004 ACCIANI, GiuseppeVERGURA, Silvano +
Analisi di sensitività per circuiti trifasi di elettronica di potenza con la tecnica della rete aggiunta 1-gen-2005 VERGURA, Silvano +