Acciani, Giuseppe

Acciani, Giuseppe  

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3-D Analysis For ELF Magnetic Fields Mitigation Problems By Using Active Shielding 1-gen-2007 ACCIANI, GiuseppeMARZOCCA, CristoforoVERGURA, Silvano +
3-D PV-cell model by means of FEM 1-gen-2009 VERGURA, SilvanoACCIANI, Giuseppe +
A Decentralized Power Regulation Approach for DC Microgrids 1-gen-2021 Montegiglio, PasqualeAcciani, GiuseppeDicorato, MariaForte, GiuseppeMarasciuolo, Francesca
A feature extraction unsupervised neural network for an environmental data set 1-gen-2003 Acciani, G.Vergura, S. +
A FFT-based instrument for nonsinusoidal systems 1-gen-1984 ACCIANI, GiuseppeSAVINO, Mario
A Finite-Element Approach to Analyze the Thermal Effect of Defects on Silicon-Based PV Cells 1-gen-2012 VERGURA, SilvanoACCIANI, Giuseppe +
A Fuzzy Method for Global Quality Index Evaluation of Solder Joints in Surface Mount Technology 1-gen-2011 ACCIANI, Giuseppe +
A Hierarchical Evolutionary-Deterministic Algorithm in Topological Optimization of Electrical Grounding Grids 1-gen-2005 Ferrante NeriGiuseppe L. CascellaGiuseppe Acciani +
A Hierarchical Evolutionary-Deterministic Algorithm in Topological Optimization of Electrical Grounding Grids 1-gen-2005 Neri, F.Cascella, G. L.Acciani, G. +
A homotopy function for transient analysis of switching circuits 1-gen-2005 G. AccianiE. ChiarantoniG. FornarelliS. Vergura
A Microwave Model Based Reliable Defect Classification System for NDT of pipes 1-gen-2006 ACCIANI, GiuseppeGUARAGNELLA, Cataldo
A Multiple Neural Network System to Classify Solder Joints on Integrated Circuits 1-gen-2006 ACCIANI, Giuseppe +
A Network Solution Procedure Based on a Complete Model 1-gen-1987 ACCIANI, Giuseppe +
A Neural Network Approach to Study O3 and PM10 Concentration in Environmental Pollution 1-gen-2006 Giuseppe AccianiErnesto ChiarantoniGirolamo Fornarelli
A Neural Network Method to Detect Circuital Track Flaws in Printed Circuit Board 1-gen-2004 ACCIANI, Giuseppe +
A Neural Network Method to Process Air Pollution Data 1-gen-2003 ACCIANI, Giuseppe +
A Neuro – Fuzzy Architecture for Background – Foreground Video Segmentation 1-gen-2002 ACCIANI, GiuseppeGUARAGNELLA, Cataldo +
A Neurofuzzy Method for the Evaluation of Soldering Global Quality Index 1-gen-2009 ACCIANI, Giuseppe +
A Neuron Model for Centroid Estimation in Clustering Problems, 1-gen-1993 ACCIANI, Giuseppe +
A New Technique for the Formulation of the Constraint Equation for Time-Variant Topology Electrical Circuits 1-gen-1999 ACCIANI, Giuseppe +