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A Decentralized Power Regulation Approach for DC Microgrids 1-gen-2021 Montegiglio, PasqualeAcciani, GiuseppeDicorato, MariaForte, GiuseppeMarasciuolo, Francesca
A new approach for solving DAE systems applied to distribution networks 1-gen-2014 Torelli, F.Montegiglio, P.Chicco, G. +
A new method for optimization of Load Frequency Control parameters in multi-area power systems using Genetic Algorithms 1-gen-2022 Montegiglio, PDe Tuglie, EE +
A novel computing paradigm for parameter identification of piezoelectric energy harvesting systems subjected to uncertain loads 1-gen-2017 Giuseppe AccianiPasquale MontegiglioFrancesco Torelli +
A practical method to test the safety of HV/MV substation Grounding Systems 1-gen-2015 Cafaro, G.Colella, Maria PiaMontegiglio, P.Torelli, F. +
A Two-Step Hybrid Approach for Modeling the Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters 1-gen-2018 Quaranta, GiuseppeMontegiglio, PasqualeTrentadue, FrancescoAcciani, Giuseppe +
AC/DC Conversion Efficiency of a Sodium-Nickel based BESS: an experimental characterization 1-gen-2022 De Tuglie, EEMontegiglio, PPassarelli, AIntrona, A +
Current and voltage behaviour during a fault in a HV/MV system: Methods and measurements 1-gen-2015 Cafaro, G.De Simone, A.Montegiglio, P.Torelli, F. +
Currents Distribution during a Fault in an MV Network: Methods and Measurements 1-gen-2016 Cafaro, G.Montegiglio, P.Torelli, F. +
Design sensitivity analysis of the electromechanical response of piezoelectric energy harvesters under structural vibrations from offshore floating structures 1-gen-2017 Montegiglio, P.Acciani, G. +
Effect of V2G Technology Integration on MV Distribution Grids 1-gen-2022 Marasciuolo F.Dicorato M.Forte G.Montegiglio P.
Fluid flow based micro energy harvester optimization 1-gen-2016 ACCIANI, GiuseppeMININNO, ErnestoMONTEGIGLIO, PASQUALEDI MODUGNO, Filomena
Global Earthing System: Can Buried Metallic Structures Significantly Modify the Ground Potential Profile? 1-gen-2015 MONTEGIGLIO, PASQUALECAFARO, GiuseppeTORELLI, Francesco +
Global earthing systems: Characterization of buried metallic parts 1-gen-2016 Cafaro, G.Montegiglio, P.Torelli, F. +
Ground Resistance of Buried Metallic Parts in Urban Areas: An Extensive Measurement Campaign 1-gen-2017 Cafaro, GiuseppeMontegiglio, PasqualeTorelli, Francesco +
Identification of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Parameters Using Adaptive Models 1-gen-2018 Montegiglio, PasqualeAcciani, GiuseppeCarnimeo, Leonarda +
Influence of LV neutral grounding on global Earthing Systems 1-gen-2015 CAFARO, GiuseppeMONTEGIGLIO, PASQUALETorelli, Francesco +
Influence of LV Neutral Grounding on Global Earthing Systems 1-gen-2017 Cafaro, G.Montegiglio, P.Torelli, F. +
Minimization of Microgrid Impact on Distribution Network Systems Through BESS Real-Time Control 1-gen-2022 De Tuglie, EnricoIntrona, AnnaMontegiglio, PasqualePassarelli, Annarita +
Multi-physics simulation of a wind piezoelectric energy harvester validated by experimental results 1-gen-2016 ACCIANI, GiuseppeDI MODUGNO, FilomenaMININNO, ErnestoMONTEGIGLIO, PASQUALE