Carpentieri, Mario

Carpentieri, Mario  

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20 anni di spintronica, dall’effetto GMR agli skyrmioni magnetici 1-gen-2016 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A Compact Model with Spin-Polarization Asymmetry for Nanoscaled Perpendicular MTJs 1-gen-2017 Carpentieri, Mario +
A Comparison of Current Driven Magnetization Dynamics in Different Co/Cu/Co Magnetic Multilayer 1-gen-2005 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A comparison of spin-polarized current driven magnetization reversal in Co/Cu/Co magnetic multilayers 1-gen-2006 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A framework for the damage evaluation of acoustic emission signals through Hilbert-Huang transform 1-gen-2016 Tomasello, RCARPENTIERI, MarioGRIMALDI, DOMENICO +
A fuzzy model of scalar hysteresis on soft magnetic materials 1-gen-2004 Carpentieri M +
A general fuzzy model of the scalar hysteresis 1-gen-2004 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A genetic approach to solve numerical problems in the Preisach model identification 1-gen-2006 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A hybrid Memristor/MTJ simulation framework for nano-oscillator devices 1-gen-2018 S. VerguraM. Carpentieri +
A Nonlinear and Non-Stationary Signal Analysis for Accurate Power Quality Monitoring in Smart Grids 1-gen-2014 VERGURA, SilvanoCARPENTIERI, Mario +
A numerical solution of the magnetization reversal modeling in a permalloy thin film using fifth order Runge-Kutta Method with adaptive step size control 1-gen-2008 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A Numerical Solution of the Standard Problem #4 using Fifth Order Runge-Kutta Method with Adaptive Stepsize Control 1-gen-2007 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A Numerical Study of the Magnetization Reversal driven by Spin-Polarized Current in MgO based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions 1-gen-2007 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A Simple Vector Preisach Model 1-gen-2004 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A soliton mode excited by the spin-Hall effec 1-gen-2013 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A strategy for the design of skyrmion racetrack memories 1-gen-2014 Tomasello RCARPENTIERI, Mario +
A strategy to reduce magnetization reversal time in nanopillars with perpendicular anisotropy Domain wall motion driven by localized spin-polarized current 1-gen-2010 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A system monitoring the spatial and intensity distribution on CCD patterns applied to in situ characterization 1-gen-2003 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A time-frequency analysis of electrical users by means of Fourier and Wavelet transforms 1-gen-2016 VERGURA, SilvanoCARPENTIERI, MarioPuliafito, Vito
A variation-aware simulation framework for hybrid CMOS/spintronic circuits 1-gen-2017 Riccardo TomaselloMario Carpentieri +