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CLARITY’s climate services: Using EURO-CORDEX simulations and including dynamical-statistical downscaling to allocate current and future climate-related hazard patterns at different spatial scales., file dd89f8a5-e857-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 34
The dynamics of bi-directional exchange flows: implication for morphodynamic change within estuaries and sea straits, file dd89f8a5-96be-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 29
Climate Services to support urban resilient planning and design: the CLARITY methodology, file dd89f8a5-e8e9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 24
The CLARITY Climate Services Information System – providing hazard characterisation on European scale, file dd89f8a5-e8ea-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 21
Groundwater recharge dynamics in unsaturated fractured chalk: a case study, file dd89f8a5-e0e0-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 19
Experiments of preferential flow in 3D Self-Affine Fractures combined with Lattice Boltzmann Simulations, file dd89f8a5-dca8-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 16
Rough walled parallel plate and random walk models to describe the scenario of contamination in Bari Industrial area (Italy), file dd89f8a5-de02-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 16
Laboratory testing on infiltration in single synthetic fractures, file dd89f8a5-e0e2-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
Resistent forms for resilient territories. Rebuilding areas hit by seismic, file dd89f8a5-c44a-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 6
"Compacting" the sprawling city. Building type and idea of the "fabric-building", file dd89f8a2-f969-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 5
A strategy to reduce magnetization reversal time in nanopillars with perpendicular anisotropy Domain wall motion driven by localized spin-polarized current, file dd89f8a2-9b91-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 4
Oscar Niemeyer, the architect of the curved surfaces: The freehand relief as tool for investigation of modern Brazilian architecture, file dd89f8a2-9b23-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Semi-transparent perovskite photovoltaic and solid-state electrochromic cells, file dd89f8a3-355e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Identifying the weakness of large centralized wastewater treatment plant operating in a critical area: The case study of Regi Lagni (Southern Italy), file dd89f8a3-da88-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
How much is sustainable producing low-cost adsorbents for wastewater treatment? A comparative evaluation, file dd89f8a3-dacc-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Role and goals of ontological analysis in understanding space and places, file dd89f8a3-f1e2-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Il paesaggio nella esperienza delle nuova pianificazione comunale in Puglia, file dd89f8a4-36de-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Metropolitan cities from both sides. Approaches and trajectories to the challenges of our time, file dd89f8a4-3bb5-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Ageing population and inclusive built environment design, file dd89f8a5-ae64-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Notes for a critical analysis of the historical stratifications in the Gallipoli Castle, file dd89f8a6-27e9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
An innovative holistic dpsir-based approach for the remediation of contaminated sites, file dd89f8a6-2da2-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Paesaggi costieri metropolitani. Tracce di lavoro per una visione comune, file dd89f8a6-53b7-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
The urban form after growth, file dd89f8a6-53b9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Theoretical study of hybrid vortex and dynamical phase transitions in an antiferromagnetic nanostripe, file dd89f8a7-017d-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Clocking for nanomagnetic logic driven by spin-Hall effect: a micromagnetic analysis, file beac386e-ab09-423e-92aa-01f4e97ff2b6 2
Professional Tools to Prepare the Professionist: the Timetable, file dd89f8a2-9a9b-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Professional Tools to Prepare the Professionist: the Timetable, file dd89f8a2-9a9c-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
THE LADISLAO II D’AQUINO CASTLE IN ROCCHETTA SANT’ ANTONIO IN FOGGIA. Typical example among the Castles of Daunia in the Aragonese period., file dd89f8a2-9b26-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
The generation of runoff through ephemeral streams, file dd89f8a2-9b8b-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Macro-scale dynamic modelling of out-of-plane collapse of masonry façades accounting for texture quality, file dd89f8a2-9b94-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Coupling external cavity mid-IR quantum cascade lasers with low loss hollow metallic/dielectric waveguides, file dd89f8a2-9b95-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
The Friction Diagram Method for analyzing the skidding risk for road design, file dd89f8a3-f3b8-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Processes of Reconstruction of the Aleppo’s Urban Landscape, file dd89f8a4-4156-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Stabilization/solidification treatment of contaminated sediments for marine site remediation, file dd89f8a5-9bb8-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
INMATEX: INteraction MATerial EXperience. A didactic and research instrument for the design of surfaces, file dd89f8a6-187c-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Understanding architectural types, file dd89f8a6-50da-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
For a "new sensible experience". Samonà and the didactic contribution of Venetian cultural component at Iuav after the war: between decoration, interiors and applied arts., file dd89f8a6-a762-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
A multi-step biocatalytic approach for the continuous generation and use of HCN towards chiral O-acetylcyanohydrins, file dd89f8a6-c589-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Wavelength-selective robust fiber coupler for high-Q micro-resonators, file dd89f8a7-0f21-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
C/X-band SAR interferometry used to monitor slope instability in Daunia, Italy, file dd89f8a2-9a9e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
I portali nei complessi edilizi in pietra a secco della Puglia, file dd89f8a2-9b10-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Heat transfer mechanisms in bubbly Rayleigh-Benard convection, file dd89f8a2-9b27-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
On the COSMO-SkyMed Exploitation for Interferometric DEM Generation, file dd89f8a2-9b8d-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
The critical doubt in typological and morphological studies of Italian school, file dd89f8a2-9b8f-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Tecnologie per il trattamento dei fanghi di piccoli impianti di depurazione per acque reflue urbane, file dd89f8a3-2a02-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Trattamento del percolato di un impianto di compostaggio a cumuli statici rivoltati, file dd89f8a3-2c2e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Utilizzo combinato di polimeri organici e misti-organici con polianionici e policationici nella sedimentazione chimicamente assistita (CAPS), file dd89f8a3-2c53-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Simple and Effective Knowledge-based Vehicle Monitoring and Driving Assistance, file dd89f8a3-5342-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
A fully integrated 2.4GHz phase shifter for an enhanced SoC solution, file dd89f8a4-1823-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Coastal dynamics driven by physical and chemical processes: Costa Merlata near Brindisi (Southern Italy), file dd89f8a4-3144-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Abandoned villages, from conservation to revitalization, file dd89f8a4-44ee-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
The problem of subjective individualism in the future of European cities in the 21st century. Dialectic synthesis between urban aisthesis and linguistic-architectural identity, file dd89f8a4-4961-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
A multi-agent spatial-cognition model to represent infection spread in hospitals, file dd89f8a5-4004-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Statistical correlation and GIS analysis to evaluate shoreline evolution, file dd89f8a5-5a3a-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Extemporaneous handwriting. Writing with light in Carlo Scarpa's Brion Grave, file dd89f8a5-99d2-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
The opportunities for smaller villages in the rapidity of globalization: some reasoning on the villages of the “Alta Murgia”, file dd89f8a5-d947-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
New challenges for Integrated Coastal Management: The case of Apulia Region in Italy, file dd89f8a5-e043-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Adaptive flooding management in coastal systems: how to integrate risk management in adaptive planning processes, file dd89f8a5-e045-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Castelli di Puglia. Problemi di conservazione e valorizzazione, file dd89f8a5-e287-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Basilicata Ionian Coast: human and natural drivers of coastal dynamics, file dd89f8a5-ed2d-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Ἑνδόμεσιϛ, intra domum. Persistenze simboliche e tipologiche di interiorità domestica, file dd89f8a6-0bea-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Numerical investigation of simultaneous lasing at three different wavelengths in an Yb:Er:Tm:Ho co-doped germanate glass, file dd89f8a6-1dbd-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Evaluation and the Environmental Democracy of European Cities, file dd89f8a6-2232-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
The BIM model for the study of historical buildings. “Palazzo del Sedile” - Bari, file dd89f8a6-480c-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Mutamenti di assetto urbano e strategie di rigenerazione: nuovi metodi di indagine degli effetti della pedonalizzazione, file dd89f8a6-4d83-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Indirect evaluation of SnO2-Er3+ energy transfer coefficient, file dd89f8a6-548d-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Imparare Architettura del Paesaggio nei corsi di laurea in Architettura, file dd89f8a6-6cb3-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
On the behavior of a roller bearing seismic isolator, file dd89f8a6-7ea8-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
EFFECT OF DATA PROCESSING ON NON-TARGETED NMR ANALYSIS, file dd89f8a6-910b-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Weak involutive bases over effective rings, file dd89f8a6-920d-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Applications of Bar Code to involutive divisions and a greedy algorithm for complete sets, file dd89f8a6-9a9e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Effects of sample preparation procedures on non-targeted NMR analysis of tomatoes, file dd89f8a6-a9c9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Insights in to the use of (trimethylsilyl)propionic acid in qNMR analysis of food products, file dd89f8a6-cc0f-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
The environmental sustainibility of nautical tourism in a Mediterranean prospect, file dd89f8a6-cf02-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Validating nmr methods for fingerprinting and simultaneous multicomponent quantitative analysis, file dd89f8a6-e5ca-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Building Mobile Personal Health Knowledge Graphs using Punya, file dd89f8a7-038d-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
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