Papangelo, Antonio

Papangelo, Antonio  

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A Cattaneo-Mindlin problem for a rigid punch with tangential load applied above the interface line 1-gen-2016 Grimaldi, G.PAPANGELO, AntonioCIAVARELLA, Michele
A Criterion for the Effective Work of Adhesion in Loading and Unloading of Adhesive Soft Solids from Rough Surfaces 1-gen-2021 Papangelo, ACiavarella, M
A discussion on present theories of rubber friction, with particular reference to different possible choices of arbitrary roughness cutoff parameters 1-gen-2019 Antonio PapangeloMichele Ciavarella +
A generalized Johnson parameter for pull-off decay in the adhesion of rough surfaces 1-gen-2018 Ciavarella M.Papangelo A.
A Maugis-Dugdale cohesive solution for adhesion of a surface with a dimple 1-gen-2017 Papangelo, A.Ciavarella, M.
A modified form of Pastewka-Robbins criterion for adhesion 1-gen-2017 Ciavarella, M.Papangelo, A.
A note on the pull-off force for a pattern of contacts distributed over a halfspace 1-gen-2017 PAPANGELO, AntonioAFFERRANTE, LucianoCIAVARELLA, Michele
A numerical study on roughness-induced adhesion enhancement in a sphere with an axisymmetric sinusoidal waviness using Lennard-Jones interaction law 1-gen-2020 Antonio PapangeloMichele Ciavarella
A random process asperity model for adhesion between rough surfaces 1-gen-2017 Ciavarella, M.Papangelo, A.
A simple model for friction detachment at an interface of finite size mimicking Fineberg’s experiments on uneven loading 1-gen-2014 Papangelo A.Ciavarella M. +
A Simplified Theory of Electroadhesion for Rough Interfaces 1-gen-2020 Michele CiavarellaAntonio Papangelo
A two-scale FEM-BAM approach for fingerpad friction under electroadhesion 1-gen-2023 Antonio Papangelo +
Adhesion between a power-law indenter and a thin layer coated on a rigid substrate 1-gen-2018 Papangelo, A.
Adhesion between self-affine rough surfaces: Possible large effects in small deviations from the nominally Gaussian case 1-gen-2017 Ciavarella, M.Papangelo, A.Afferrante, L.
Adhesion enhancement in a dimpled surface with axisymmetric waviness and rate-dependent work of adhesion 1-gen-2022 Papangelo, ACiavarella, M
Adhesion of surfaces with wavy roughness and a shallow depression 1-gen-2018 Papangelo, A.Ciavarella, M.
Analysis of multiscale theories for viscoelastic rubber friction 1-gen-2020 Michele CiavarellaAntonio Papangelo +
Axisymmetric JKR-type adhesive contact under equibiaxial stretching 1-gen-2021 Papangelo, A +
Bio-inspired solution for optimal adhesive performance 1-gen-2018 Papangelo A.
Can Wear Completely Suppress Thermoelastic Instabilities? 1-gen-2020 Antonio PapangeloMichele Ciavarella