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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Correlating shrinkage microporosity with the mechanical properties of sand-cast superduplex stainless steel using a numerical/experimental approach 1-gen-2016 PALUMBO, GianfrancoPICCININNI, AntonioGUGLIELMI, PasqualeTRICARICO, Luigi +
Discrete spot laser hardening and remelting with a high-brilliance source for surface structuring of a hypereutectoid steel 1-gen-2017 TRICARICO, LuigiPALUMBO, GianfrancoSPINA, Roberto +
Evaluation of the optimal working conditions for the warm sheet HydroForming taking into account the yielding condition 1-gen-2016 PALUMBO, GianfrancoPICCININNI, AntonioGUGLIELMI, PasqualeTRICARICO, Luigi +
Experimental investigation of laser beam welding of explosion-welded steel/aluminum structural transition joints 1-gen-2010 Tricarico, L. +
Experimental investigations on the single point incremental forming of a titanium alloy component combining static heating with high tool rotation speed 1-gen-2012 PALUMBO, Gianfranco +
Fatigue resistance of titanium laser and hybrid welded joints 1-gen-2011 CASAVOLA, CaterinaPAPPALETTERE, Carmine +
Fiber laser cutting of Ti6Al4V sheets for subsequent welding operations: Effect of cutting parameters on butt joints mechanical properties and strain behaviour 1-gen-2013 PALUMBO, GianfrancoSORGENTE, DonatoTRICARICO, Luigi +
Hybrid welding of AA5754 annealed alloy: Role of post weld heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties 1-gen-2016 Casalino, Giuseppe +
Hydroforming a small scale aluminum automotive component using a layered die 1-gen-2013 PALUMBO, Gianfranco
In-process spectroscopic detection of chromium loss during Directed Energy Deposition of alloy 718 1-gen-2020 Gianfranco Palumbo +
Influence of processing parameters on aluminium foam produced by space holder technique 1-gen-2009 DE FILIPPIS, Luigi Alberto CiroLUDOVICO, Antonio Domenico +
Influence of shoulder geometry on microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir welded 6082 aluminium alloy 1-gen-2007 DE FILIPPIS, Luigi Alberto Ciro +
Laser diode transmission welding of polypropylene: Geometrical and microstructure characterisation of weld 1-gen-2009 CASALINO, Giuseppe +
Mechanical analysis of ultra-thin friction stir welding joined sheets with dissimilar and similar materials 1-gen-2008 De Filippis, L. A. C. +
Methods of measuring residual stresses in components 1-gen-2012 DASSISTI, Michele +
Minimisation of the residual stress in the heat affected zone by means of numerical methods 1-gen-2007 CASALINO, Giuseppe +
Multiphysics simulation of thermoplastic polymer crystallization 1-gen-2016 SPINA, Roberto +
A numerical and experimental investigation of AZ31 formability at elevated temperatures using a constant strain rate test 1-gen-2010 Palumbo, G.Sorgente, D.Tricarico, L.
Orthotropic mechanical properties of Fused Deposition Modelling parts described by Classical Laminate Theory 1-gen-2016 CASAVOLA, CaterinaCazzato, AlbertoMORAMARCO, VincenzoPAPPALETTERE, Carmine
Soft blasting of fluorinated polymers: The easy way to superhydrophobicity 1-gen-2017 MENGA, NicolaDI MUNDO, RosaCARBONE, Giuseppe
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 24
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