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Piccininni, Antonio  

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A fast methodology for the accurate characterization and simulation of laser heat treated blanks 1-gen-2021 Antonio PiccininniPasquale GuglielmiGianfranco Palumbo +
Biomedical Titanium alloy prostheses manufacturing by means of Superplastic and Incremental Forming processes 1-gen-2016 PICCININNI, AntonioGUGLIELMI, PasqualePALUMBO, Gianfranco +
Ceramic Materials for Biomedical Applications: An Overview on Properties and Fabrication Processes 1-gen-2023 Lorenzo VaianiAntonio BoccaccioAntonio Emmanuele UvaGianfranco PalumboAntonio PiccininniPasquale GuglielmiAndrea Ballini +
Characterization of a superplastic titanium alloy with an experimental and numerical approach based on free-inflation tests 1-gen-2016 SORGENTE, DonatoPICCININNI, AntonioPIGLIONICO, VitoGUGLIELMI, PasqualePALUMBO, GianfrancoTRICARICO, Luigi +
Combining the pressure effect with local heat treatment for improving the sheet metal forming process 1-gen-2016 PALUMBO, GianfrancoPICCININNI, AntonioGUGLIELMI, PasqualeSORGENTE, DonatoTRICARICO, Luigi
Correlating shrinkage microporosity with the mechanical properties of sand-cast superduplex stainless steel using a numerical/experimental approach 1-gen-2016 PALUMBO, GianfrancoPICCININNI, AntonioGUGLIELMI, PasqualeTRICARICO, Luigi +
Design and optimization of the local laser treatment to improve the formability of age hardenable aluminium alloys 1-gen-2020 Antonio PiccininniGianfranco Palumbo
Design of custom cranial prostheses combining manufacturing and drop test finite element simulations 1-gen-2020 Palumbo G.Piccininni A. +
Determination of interfacial heat transfer coefficients in a sand mould casting process using an optimised inverse analysis 1-gen-2015 PALUMBO, GianfrancoPICCININNI, AntonioGUGLIELMI, PasqualeTRICARICO, Luigi +
Evaluation of the optimal working conditions for the warm sheet HydroForming taking into account the yielding condition 1-gen-2016 PALUMBO, GianfrancoPICCININNI, AntonioGUGLIELMI, PasqualeTRICARICO, Luigi +
Experimental investigation of the mechanical performances of titanium cranial prostheses manufactured by super plastic forming and single-point incremental forming 1-gen-2018 Palumbo, G.Guglielmi, PasqualePiccininni, Antonio +
Experimental validation of the Carbone–Mangialardi–Mantriota model of continuously variable transmissions 1-gen-2017 Yildiz, AhmetBottiglione, FrancescoPiccininni, AntonioCarbone, Giuseppe +
Genetic algorithm based inverse analysis for the superplastic characterization of a Ti-6Al-4V biomedical grade 1-gen-2018 Piccininni, A.Sorgente, D.Palumbo, G.
Improving the Hydromechanical Deep-Drawing Process Using Aluminum Tailored Heat Treated Blanks 1-gen-2015 Piccininni, AntonioDi Michele, GabriellaPALUMBO, GianfrancoSORGENTE, DonatoTRICARICO, Luigi
Innovative solutions to improve the formability of Aluminium alloys 1-gen-2020 Piccininni, Antonio
Investigation about the oil pressure rate in the warm hydroforming of an al-mg alloy component 1-gen-2016 PALUMBO, GianfrancoPICCININNI, AntonioGUGLIELMI, PasqualePIGLIONICO, VitoSORGENTE, DonatoTRICARICO, Luigi
Investigation about the warm deep drawing of Mg alloys using metamodels 1-gen-2014 G. PalumboA. PiccininniV. PiglionicoP. GuglielmiSorgente DL. Tricarico
Investigation on the thickness distribution of highly customized titanium biomedical implants manufactured by superplastic forming 1-gen-2018 Palumbo, G.Piccininni, A.Guglielmi, P. +
Manufacturing of a hemispherical component combining incremental forming and superplastic forming 1-gen-2020 Gianfranco PalumboPasquale GuglielmiAntonio Piccininni +
Mechanical and microstructure analysis of AA6061 and Ti6Al4V fiber laser butt weld 1-gen-2017 Casalino, GiuseppeGuglielmi, PasqualeMortello, MichelangeloPalumbo, GianfrancoPiccininni, Antonio +