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Cusanno, Angela  

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A Mixed Reality application to support the design of custom prostheses 1-gen-2022 Gattullo M.Piccininni A.Evangelista A.Guglielmi P.Boccaccio A.Cusanno A.Uva A. E.Palumbo G.
A new generation of highly customized Mg alloy-based implants 1-gen-2022 Piccininni A.Guglielmi P.Cusanno A.Palumbo G. +
A Structured Approach for the Design and Manufacturing of Titanium Cranial Prostheses via Sheet Metal Forming 1-gen-2022 Palumbo G.Piccininni A.Cusanno A.Guglielmi P. +
Correlation between porosity level and elastic modulus in a foamed hiped Ti alloy 1-gen-2023 Guglielmi PasqualeCastellano AnnaCusanno AngelaPalumbo Gianfranco
Deposition temperature effect on sputtered hydroxyapatite coatings prepared on AZ31B alloy substrate 1-gen-2022 Guglielmi P.Cusanno A.Palumbo G. +
Evaluation of the effectiveness of natural origin metalworking fluids in reducing the environmental impact and the tool wear 1-gen-2023 Antonicelli M.Piccininni A.Cusanno A.Palumbo G. +
Evaluation of the Rheological Behaviour of Magnetorheological Fluids Combining Bulge Tests and Inverse Analysis 1-gen-2022 Cusanno A.Piccininni A.Guglielmi P.Palumbo G.
Experimental and numerical analysis of innovative processes for producing a resorbable cheekbone prosthesis 1-gen-2021 Guglielmi P.Cusanno A.Palumbo G. +
Hydroforming of lightweight alloys using MagnetoRheological Fluids (MRF) 1-gen-2022 Cusanno, Angela
Mechanical and microstructural evaluation of solid-state foamed Ti6Al4V-ELI alloy 1-gen-2022 Guglielmi P.Piccininni A.Cusanno A.Palumbo G. +
Modelling the laser overageing treatment of a 6xxx Al alloy by means of physical simulation tests 1-gen-2023 Piccininni A.Guglielmi P.Cusanno A.Palumbo G.
Optimization of the sheet hydroforming process parameters to improve the quality of reshaped EoL components 1-gen-2023 Piccininni A.Cusanno A.Palumbo G. +
Post Forming Analysis and In Vitro Biological Characterization of AZ31B Processed by Incremental Forming and Coated With Electrospun Polycaprolactone 1-gen-2021 Cusanno, AngelaPalumbo, Gianfranco +
Reshaping End-of-Life components by sheet hydroforming: An experimental and numerical analysis 1-gen-2022 Piccininni A.Cusanno A.Palumbo G. +
Single Point Incremental Forming and Electrospinning to produce biodegradable magnesium (AZ31) biomedical prostheses coated with porous PCL 1-gen-2019 Palumbo G.Cusanno A. +
The influence of the manufacturing process conditions on the in-vitro bio-performance of Titanium alloys 1-gen-2022 Piccininni A.Guglielmi P.Cusanno A.Palumbo G. +