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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
A comprehensive Engineering Environment to conceptualize, design and monitor Product Service Systems (PSS): An application case 1-gen-2017 Sassanelli, C. +
A review of circularity performance assessment methods 1-gen-2019 Sassanelli C. +
An ANN-based Decision Support Tool for the Sustainable Performance Prediction of the Waste Management Systems 1-gen-2017 Digiesi S.Facchini F.Mossa G.Monno M.Mummolo G.Verriello R.
A carbon footprint calculator for the municipal waste collection system of Bari 1-gen-2015 Digiesi, S.Mossa, G.Mummolo, G.Verriello, R.
A circular approach for the management of biogas flows from sewage sludge 1-gen-2022 Vitti M.Facchini F.Mazzilli M.Mossa G. +
Circular supply chains for small and medium enterprises: A multiple case study analysis 1-gen-2020 Sassanelli C. +
Domestic waste management: A survey for the design of an innovative compactor 1-gen-2020 Laurieri N.Facchini F.Lucchese A.Marino A. +
Economic and environmental savings from upgraded biogas applications 1-gen-2013 Caponio GDigiesi SMossa GMummolo G
Evaluating the effects of workforce aging in human-based production systems: a state of the art 1-gen-2014 Boenzi FMossa GMummolo G +
Evaluating the I4.0 transformation readiness of agri-food companies: From factories to ‘smart’ factories 1-gen-2018 Facchini, F.Digiesi, S.Mossa, G.Mummolo, G.
External Costs Evaluation for Sustainable Logistics 1-gen-2013 Digiesi, S.Mascolo, G.Mossa, G.Mummolo, G.
Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality Sampling Strategy: the case of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Air Pollution 1-gen-2014 Digiesi, SalvatoreFacchini, FrancescoMossa, GiorgioMummolo, Giovanni
How lean thinking affects product service systems development process 1-gen-2015 SASSANELLI, CLAUDIO +
The Index of Difficulty as a tool for the evaluation of the agent’s motor difficulty 1-gen-2022 Andrea LuccheseSalvatore DigiesiGiovanni Mummolo
Leveraging European SMEs and Start-Ups competitiveness through design 1-gen-2018 Sassanelli C.Dell'Era C. +
LINCOLN Integrated Solution Supporting the Design of Specialized Connected Vessels 1-gen-2018 C. Sassanelli +
A mathematical model of human error probability for cognitive-oriented tasks 1-gen-2019 Digiesi S.Facchini F.Mossa G.Mummolo G.
Minimizing Carbon-footprint of Municipal Waste Integrated Management Systems 1-gen-2014 Digiesi SMossa GMummolo GVerriello R
Potential external costs savings in new passenger cars distribution 1-gen-2014 MASCOLO, GiuseppeDIGIESI, SalvatoreMOSSA, GiorgioMUMMOLO, Giovanni
A quality assurance process of the Model-Based Design assets of the HUBCAP platform 1-gen-2022 Sassanelli C.Mossa G. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 24
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