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A door-to-doorwaste collection system case study: A survey on its sustainability and effectiveness 1-gen-2020 Andrea LuccheseAntonella MarinoSalvatore Digiesi +
A Model for the Evaluation of the Information Processing Rate of Smart Operators 1-gen-2022 Digiesi, SalvatoreFacchini, FrancescoLucchese, AndreaMummolo, Giovanni
A numerical assessment of the influence of Industry 4.0 technologies on the cognitive complexity of procedure-guided tasks 1-gen-2022 Lucchese, AndreaFacchini, FrancescoMossa, GiorgioMummolo, Giovanni +
A shannon entropy graph-based model to evaluate the operator mental workload involved in procedure-guided tasks 1-gen-2020 Lucchese A.Mossa G.Mummolo G. +
A Stochastic-Based Model to Assess the Variability of Task Completion Times of Differently Aged and Experienced Workers Subject to Fatigue 1-gen-2023 Lucchese A.Digiesi S.Mummolo G.
A ‘Speed—Difficulty—Accuracy’ Model Following a General Trajectory Motor Task with Spatial Constraints: An Information-Based Model 1-gen-2020 Digiesi, SalvatoreLucchese, AndreaMummolo, Carlotta
Agent's Motor Performance: an Index of Difficulty-based Model 1-gen-2022 Lucchese, AndreaMummolo, GiovanniDigiesi, SalvatoreMummolo, Carlotta
Agri-food loss and waste management: Win-win strategies for edible discarded fruits and vegetables sustainable reuse 1-gen-2023 Facchini, FrancescoSilvestri, BartolomeoDigiesi, SalvatoreLucchese, Andrea
An agent-specific stochastic model of generalized reaching task difficulty 1-gen-2021 Lucchese A.Digiesi S.Mummolo C. +
Analytical-stochastic model of motor difficulty for three-dimensional manipulation tasks 1-gen-2022 Lucchese, AndreaDigiesi, SalvatoreMummolo, Carlotta
Domestic waste management: A survey for the design of an innovative compactor 1-gen-2020 Laurieri N.Facchini F.Lucchese A.Marino A. +
Evaluation of the Complexity of Cognitive-Oriented Tasks in Planned Maintenance Procedures 1-gen-2022 Lucchese, AndreaMarino, AntonellaMossa, GiorgioMummolo, Giovanni
Human cognitive and motor abilities in the aging workforce: An information-based model 1-gen-2020 Salvatore DigiesiDaniela CavalloAndrea LuccheseCarlotta Mummolo
Human Performance of Manual Sorting: A Stochastic Analytical Model 1-gen-2023 Lucchese A.Digiesi S.Mummolo G.
Information-based human motor performance models 1-gen-2022 Lucchese, Andrea
Minimization of the Logistic Costs in Healthcare supply chain: a hybrid model 1-gen-2020 Lucchese, AMarino, ARanieri, L
The Index of Difficulty as a tool for the evaluation of the agent’s motor difficulty 1-gen-2022 Andrea LuccheseSalvatore DigiesiGiovanni Mummolo