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Analysis of data characterizing tide and current fluxes in coastal basins, file dd89f8a3-c88f-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 36
Monitoring Systems and Numerical Models to Study Coastal Sites, file dd89f8a5-65ce-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 36
Jet interacting with vegetation in a rotating basin, file dd89f8a5-de82-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 31
Hydrodynamic Structure with Scour Hole Downstream of Bed Sills, file dd89f8a5-c7e1-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 30
Wave Height Attenuation and Flow Resistance Due to Emergent or Near-Emergent Vegetation, file dd89f8a4-408e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 28
Management of Dredging Activities in a Highly Vulnerable Site: Simulation Modelling and Monitoring Activity, file dd89f8a6-3749-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 25
How vegetation in flows modifies the turbulent mixing and spreading of jets, file dd89f8a3-da9e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 24
Coastline evolution based on statistical analysis and modeling, file dd89f8a5-a8de-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 24
Secondary Currents with Scour Hole at Grade Control Structures, file dd89f8a6-8a1b-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 24
Rethinking the process of detrainment: jets in obstructed natural flows, file dd89f8a3-59c9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 22
Meteo and Hydrodynamic Measurements to Detect Physical Processes in Confined Shallow Seas, file dd89f8a4-1196-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 22
Meteorological and hydrodynamic data in the Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo, Italy, of the Coastal Engineering Laboratory (LIC) Survey, winter and summer 2015, file dd89f8a6-ad23-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 21
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Pre-Breaking and Breaking Vorticity within a Plunging Breaker, file dd89f8a4-408b-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 20
Hydrodynamic flow structures at an obstructed-unobstructed interface in a partially vegetated channel, file dd89f8a3-2010-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 19
How to Define Priorities in Coastal Vulnerability Assessment, file dd89f8a4-f348-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 17
Experimental Setup and Measuring System to Study Solitary Wave Interaction with Rigid Emergent Vegetation, file dd89f8a5-6873-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 17
Environmental monitoring in the Mar Grande basin (Ionian Sea, Southern Italy), file 03c9c240-f010-409c-b825-84d39720b55d 16
Experimental Observations of Turbulent Events in the Surfzone, file dd89f8a5-b0d8-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 15
Experimental study of a vertical jet in a vegetated crossflow, file dd89f8a6-9028-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 15
Vertical dense jet in flowing current, file dd89f8a6-93a1-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 11
Environmental monitoring in the Mar Grande basin (Ionian Sea, Southern Italy), file dd89f8a2-ec28-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 9
Experimental investigation on dispersion mechanisms in rigid and flexible vegetated beds, file dd89f8a6-9af9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 9
Vertical dense jet in flowing current, file dd89f8a3-6871-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 8
Turbulent jet through porous obstructions under Coriolis effect: an experimental investigation, file dd89f8a7-0c5a-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 7
Experimental study of a vertical jet in a vegetated crossflow, file dd89f8a2-8919-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 6
Field measurements and monitoring of sea water, file dd89f8a2-b9b1-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 6
Hydrodynamic behavior in the outer shear layer of partly obstructed open channels, file dd89f8a2-e0c5-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 6
Monitoring Coastal Waters Close to a Sea Outfall, file dd89f8a4-2198-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 5
Flow patterns in a partially vegetated large channel, file dd89f8a2-a74e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 4
Computational analysis of negative buoyant jets in crossflow, file dd89f8a4-771c-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 4
Experimental and numerical investigation of an irregular wave, file dd89f8a5-dd62-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 4
Physical and numerical model of a new sediment trap, file dd89f8a2-ab0b-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Development of lateral boundary layer and turbulent flow structures at channel-vegetation interfaces, file dd89f8a3-bc45-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Turbulent mixing process of vertical dense jet in crossflow, file dd89f8a4-903b-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Experimental investigation on dispersion mechanisms in rigid and flexible vegetated beds, file dd89f8a4-91b6-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Coherent vortical structures in plunging breakers, file dd89f8a4-926c-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Characteristics of breaking vorticity in spilling and plunging waves investigated numerically by SPH, file dd89f8a5-7859-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Flow Field around a Vertical Cylinder in Presence of Long Waves: An Experimental Study, file 32d20e95-9a90-4ae7-a788-be9bf68048c2 2
Cylindrical obstacle impacted by long waves: experimental observation of downstream vorticity and coherent structures, file 9dcc9335-4746-4a04-ad57-e9711f8e1f95 2
Analysis of the velocity field in a large rectangular channel with lateral shockwave, file dd89f8a2-8bec-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Project PONa3_00372 “Innovative Processes for Energy Conversion – PrInCE”, file dd89f8a2-9984-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Field measurements and analysis of sea current offshore Taranto, file dd89f8a2-9acd-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Numerical results of the pollutant spreading offshore Taranto, file dd89f8a2-a0d1-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
THE FUNWAVE MODEL APPLICATION AND ITS VALIDATION USING LAB DATA, file dd89f8a2-bd27-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Current velocity measurements offshore Taranto (Italy): comparison between vessel-mounted and moored current meter data, file dd89f8a3-078f-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Use of SHYFEM open source hydrodynamic model for time scales analysis in a semi-enclosed basin, file dd89f8a3-08f2-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Micrometeorological simulations over a coastal area using CALMET model: atmosphere monitoring, file dd89f8a3-08f5-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Resistance and boundary shear in a partly obstructed channel flow, file dd89f8a3-154b-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Assessment of classical and approximated models estimating regular waves kinematics, file dd89f8a3-167e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Investigation of the current circulation offshore Taranto by using field measurements and numerical model, file dd89f8a3-daa3-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Vulnerabilità delle aree marine soggette agli scarichi, file dd89f8a4-4ed5-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Scouring Processes for Extreme Hydrological Events: Review, file af26a705-6704-4862-bc4f-0a8a741ab7a2 1
Modelling circulation in a Southern Italy coastal basin, file dd89f8a2-9689-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Field current measurements and numerical computation in the port of Bari, file dd89f8a2-9aa8-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Analysis of coastal waves reproduced in laboratory facilities, file dd89f8a2-9bb1-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Current circulation in the gulf of Taranto: numerical simulations and experimental data analysis, file dd89f8a2-9bc6-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Numerical simulations of hydrodynamics and dredging operations in a South-Eastern Italian harbor, file dd89f8a2-a0e0-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Experimental study of the impact of flexible and rigid vegetation on a crossflow, file dd89f8a2-a645-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Simulazioni idrodinamiche a supporto del monitoraggio ambientale nei Mari di Taranto, file dd89f8a2-a9f7-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Hydrodynamics of partially vegetated channels: analytical and experimental studies, file dd89f8a2-b114-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Longitudinal channel flow through square arrays of vegetation, file dd89f8a2-b335-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Wave and turbulent Reynolds stresses in irregular shoaling waves, file dd89f8a2-b33b-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Regular and Irregular Waves on a Sloping Beach, file dd89f8a2-b33e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Monitoring and modelling of coastal currents and wastewater discharge: a case study, file dd89f8a2-e76c-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Streamwise velocity profiles in coastal currents, file dd89f8a2-eb8c-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Experimental observations on undular hydraulic jumps with very high aspect ratio, file dd89f8a3-0711-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Semi enclosed basin monitoring and analysis of meteo, wave, tide and current data, file dd89f8a3-08f3-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Experimental studies on vertical dense jets in a crossflow, file dd89f8a3-10bf-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Interannual wind, wave and current data monitored in semi enclosed basins, file dd89f8a3-2011-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Undular jump formations in very large channels, file dd89f8a3-338e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Modelling of Coastal Currents and Pollutants Dispersion, file dd89f8a3-fad3-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Environmental technologies to safeguard coastal heritage, file dd89f8a4-7fce-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Statistical correlation and GIS analysis to evaluate shoreline evolution, file dd89f8a5-5a3a-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Laboratory experiments on solitary wave interaction with rigid emergent vegetation: Some preliminary results, file dd89f8a5-6711-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Detecting sensitive areas in confined shallow basins, file dd89f8a5-d961-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Analysis of mean velocity and turbulence measurements with ADCPs, file dd89f8a6-22c5-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Experiments on Coupled Wave Flow Vegetation Interaction, file dd89f8a6-7a11-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Assessment of hydrodynamics, biochemical parameters and eddy diffusivity in a semi-enclosed Ionian basin, file dd89f8a6-bf51-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Quasi-geostrophic jet-like flow with obstructions, file dd89f8a6-f2d7-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
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