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A finite element method for a weakly nonlinear dynamic analysis and bifurcation tracking of thermo-acoustic instability in longitudinal and annular combustors 1-gen-2017 LAERA, DavideCAMPA, GIOVANNICAMPOREALE, Sergio Mario
A generalization of the Thickened Flame model for stretched flames 1-gen-2023 Laera D. +
A novel acoustic network model to study the influence of mean flow and axial temperature distribution on spinning limit cycles in annular combustors 1-gen-2017 Laera D. +
A systematic study of nonlinear coupling of thermoacoustic modes in annular combustors 1-gen-2019 Laera D. +
A two-step chemical scheme for auto-igniting and propagating kerosene flames at reheat conditions 1-gen-2023 Laera, D. +
A weakly nonlinear approach based on a distributed flame describing function to study the combustion dynamics of a full-scale lean-premixed swirled burner 1-gen-2017 LAERA, DavideCAMPOREALE, Sergio Mario
Coupling of Combustion Simulation with Atomisation and Filming Models for LES in Swirled Spray Flames 1-gen-2022 Laera D. +
Direct numerical simulations of methane, ammonia-hydrogen and hydrogen turbulent premixed flames 1-gen-2023 Laera D. +
Dynamics of spray and swirling flame under acoustic oscillations: A joint experimental and LES investigation 1-gen-2021 Laera D. +
Effect of flame-to-flame interaction on the flame describing function of a turbulent swirling flame in an annular combustor 1-gen-2018 Laera D. +
Effect of wall heat transfer on the flame response to acoustic perturbation in a turbulent swirling combustor 1-gen-2018 Laera D. +
Effects of liquid fuel/wall interaction on thermoacoustic instabilities in swirling spray flames 1-gen-2020 Laera D. +
Experimental and numerical investigation of two flame stabilization regimes observed in a dual swirl H2-air coaxial injector 1-gen-2023 Aniello A.Laera D. +
Flame Describing Function analysis of spinning and standing modes in an annular combustor and comparison with experiments 1-gen-2017 Laera, DavideCamporeale, Sergio Mario +
Flame interactions in a stratified swirl burner: Flame stabilization, combustion instabilities and beating oscillations 1-gen-2020 Laera D. +
Flame macrostructures and thermoacoustic instabilities in stratified swirling flames 1-gen-2019 Laera D. +
Impact of heat release distribution on the spinning modes of an annular combustor with multiple matrix burners 1-gen-2017 Davide LaeraSergio M. Camporeale +
Impact of wall heat transfer in Large Eddy Simulation of flame dynamics in a swirled combustion chamber 1-gen-2021 Laera D. +
Influence of pilot H2 injection on methane-air swirled flame stabilization and acoustic response 1-gen-2023 Aniello A.Laera D. +
Inlet temperature driven supercritical bifurcation of combustion instabilities in a lean premixed prevaporized combustor 1-gen-2019 Laera D. +