Torresi, Marco

Torresi, Marco  

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A 3D unsteady analysis of a Wells turbine in a sea-wave energy conversion device 1-gen-2003 S. M. CamporealeM. TorresiG. PascazioB. Fortunato
A combined power plant fueled by syngas produced in a downdraft gasifier 1-gen-2016 Fortunato, BernardoCamporeale, Sergio MarioTorresi, MarcoFornarelli, Francesco +
A Gas-Steam Combined Cycle Powered by Syngas Derived from Biomass 1-gen-2013 FORTUNATO, BernardoCAMPOREALE, Sergio MarioTORRESI, Marco
A new generation of centrifugal pumps for high conversion efficiency 1-gen-2022 Capurso, TommasoTorresi, Marco +
Accurate numerical simulation of a high solidity Wells turbine 1-gen-2008 Torresi MCamporeale SMPascazio G +
Activities of the research group on energy efficiency and renewable energy 1-gen-2014 FORTUNATO, BernardoLIPPOLIS, Antonio DonatoVACCA, GaetanoAMIRANTE, RiccardoCAMPOREALE, Sergio MarioORESTA, PaoloTORRESI, MarcoFornarelli F. +
Advanced technologies for reduction of polluting emissions, fuel consumption and operating costs of Heavy Duty engines, INNOVHEAD 1-gen-2014 PAPPALETTERE, CarmineDE PALMA, PietroPASCAZIO, GiuseppeDE TULLIO, Marco DonatoCAMPOREALE, Sergio MarioDAMBROSIO, LorenzoFORTUNATO, BernardoTORRESI, MarcoFornarelli FCARBONE, GiuseppeAFFERRANTE, LucianoBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoMANTRIOTA, GiacomoFoglia MMLAMBERTI, LucianoBOCCACCIO, AntonioLUDOVICO, Antonio DomenicoDE FILIPPIS, Luigi Alberto CiroSORGENTE, DonatoGALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaCASAVOLA, CaterinaLINO, PaoloMAIONE, GuidoSTASI, SilvioTURCHIANO, BiagioCUPERTINO, Francesco +
An Arrhenius-based one-step reaction mechanism for hydrogen-air flames simulations in an extended range of operating conditions 1-gen-2024 Francesco G. SchiavoneMarco TorresiDavide Laera +
An efficient 3D CFD model for the analysis of the flow field around Darrieus rotors 1-gen-2013 Torresi MFortunato BCamporeale SM
An innovative polyimide microchannels cooling system for the pixel sensor of the upgraded ALICE inner tracker 1-gen-2013 TORRESI, Marco +
Analisi tridimensionale del comportamento fluidodinamico non stazionario di una turbina Wells 1-gen-2003 CAMPOREALE, Sergio MarioTORRESI, MarcoPASCAZIO, GiuseppeFORTUNATO, Bernardo
Analysis of the degradation of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell for propulsion of a coastal vessel 1-gen-2024 Saponaro, G.Stefanizzi, M.Torresi, M.Camporeale, S. M.
Analysis of the partially premixed combustion in a labscale swirl-stabilized burner fueled by a methane-hydrogen mixture 1-gen-2021 Michele StefanizziVito CeglieTommaso CapursoMarco TorresiSergio Mario Camporeale +
Assessment against experiments of devolatilization and char burnout models for the simulation of an aerodynamically staged swirled Low-NOx pulverized coal burner 1-gen-2017 TORRESI, MarcoFORNARELLI, FrancescoFORTUNATO, BernardoCAMPOREALE, Sergio Mario +
Biomass integrated gas turbine and ORC combined cycle: Layout and performance analysis 1-gen-2019 Dambrosio, LorenzoTorresi, MarcoCamporeale, Sergio M.Fornarelli, Francesco
Bypass Control strategy of a Pump as Turbine in a Water Distribution Network for energy recovery 1-gen-2022 Domenico FilanninoMichele StefanizziTommaso CapursoGabriella BalaccoSergio Mario CamporealeMarco Torresi
CFD Analysis of A Pulverized Coal Combustion Burner 1-gen-2010 TORRESI, MarcoFORTUNATO, BernardoCAMPOREALE, Sergio Mario +
CFD analysis of a Savonius rotor in a confined test section and in open field 1-gen-2011 Marco TorresiBernardo FortunatoGiuseppe PascazioSergio Mario Camporeale
CFD analysis of a swirl stabilized coal combustion burner 1-gen-2018 Rago, Gabriele DomenicoRossiello, GianlucaDadduzio, R.Cesareo, F.Lacerenza, MicheleFornarelli, F.Caramia, G.Fortunato, B.Camporeale, S. M.Torresi, M. +
CFD analysis of an innovative swirling flow duct for pulverized coal in utility boiler burners 1-gen-2015 TORRESI, MarcoFORTUNATO, BernardoCAMPOREALE, Sergio Mario +