Mantriota, Giacomo

Mantriota, Giacomo  

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A comparison of the performances of full and half toroidal traction drives 1-gen-2004 Carbone, G.Mangialardi, L.Mantriota, G.
A Simple Approach for Hybrid Transmissions Efficiency 1-gen-2012 BOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoMANTRIOTA, Giacomo +
A simple model for compound split transmissions 1-gen-2014 MANTRIOTA, Giacomo +
A theoretical model for multi-layer jamming systems 1-gen-2022 Fabio CarusoGiacomo MantriotaLuciano AfferranteGiulio Reina
A theoretical study on the stability of car-caravan systems under the influence of crosswind 1-gen-2005 Mantriota, G.
A three-dimensional criterion for the determination of optimal grip points 1-gen-1996 Mangialardi, L.Mantriota, G. +
A unified model for metal and dry hybrid V-belt CVTs 1-gen-2005 CARBONE, GiuseppeMANGIALARDI, LuigiMANTRIOTA, GiacomoSORIA, Leonardo
Adaptive heading correction for an industrial heavy-duty omnidirectional robot 1-gen-2022 Galati R.Mantriota G.Reina G.
Advanced technologies for reduction of polluting emissions, fuel consumption and operating costs of Heavy Duty engines, INNOVHEAD 1-gen-2014 PAPPALETTERE, CarmineDE PALMA, PietroPASCAZIO, GiuseppeDE TULLIO, Marco DonatoCAMPOREALE, Sergio MarioDAMBROSIO, LorenzoFORTUNATO, BernardoTORRESI, MarcoFornarelli FCARBONE, GiuseppeAFFERRANTE, LucianoBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoMANTRIOTA, GiacomoFoglia MMLAMBERTI, LucianoBOCCACCIO, AntonioLUDOVICO, Antonio DomenicoDE FILIPPIS, Luigi Alberto CiroSORGENTE, DonatoGALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaCASAVOLA, CaterinaLINO, PaoloMAIONE, GuidoSTASI, SilvioTURCHIANO, BiagioCUPERTINO, Francesco +
Advances in finger and partial hand prosthetic mechanisms 1-gen-2020 Giacomo MantriotaGiulio Reina +
An Innovative Design of Artificial Knee Joint Actuator with Energy Recovery Capabilities 1-gen-2016 ALO', RobertaBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoMANTRIOTA, Giacomo
Analysis of an all-terrain tracked robot with innovative suspension system 1-gen-2023 Ugenti A.Galati R.Mantriota G.Reina G.
Artificial Knee Joints Actuators with Energy Recovery Capabilities: A Comparison of Performance 1-gen-2016 ALO', RobertaBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoMANTRIOTA, Giacomo
Automatically regulated C.V.T. in wind power systems 1-gen-1994 L. MangialardiG. Mantriota
Calculation of fluid leakage in ball valves 1-gen-2007 BOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoCARBONE, GiuseppeMANTRIOTA, Giacomo
Comments on "Maximum mechanical efficiency infinitely variable transmissions" 1-gen-1998 Mangialardi, L.Mantriota, G.
Comments on "Power transmitted through a particular branch in mechanisms comprising planetary gear trains and other fixed or variable transmissions" 1-gen-2014 MANTRIOTA, Giacomo
Communication on Optimal Grip Points for Contact Stability 1-gen-1999 MANTRIOTA, Giacomo
Comparison of Traction Controllers for Electric Vehicles With On-Board Drivetrains 1-gen-2017 De Pinto, StefanoMantriota, Giacomo +