Soria, Leonardo

Soria, Leonardo  

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A combined experimental and theoretical approach to the SHM of structures subjected to seismic loading 1-gen-2012 Soria, L. +
A generalized operational modal analysis framework for challenging no-next engineering applications 1-gen-2020 De Carolis SimoneDe Filippis GiovanniPalmieri DavideSoria Leonardo
A methodology for vibro-acoustical Operational Modal Analysis of microsystems 1-gen-2022 Simone De CarolisAngelo CampanaleCarmine PutignanoLeonardo SoriaGiuseppe Carbone
A mixed analytical-multibody-BEM approach for predicting the sound power level of a hydraulic impact hammer 1-gen-2009 MANGIALARDI, LuigiSORIA, Leonardo
A multibody approach in modelling crash dynamics of vehicles against road safety systems 1-gen-2007 MANGIALARDI, LuigiSORIA, Leonardo +
A Support Vector Machine-Based Approach for Bolt Loosening Monitoring in Industrial Customized Vehicles 1-gen-2023 Carone S.Pappalettera G.Casavola C.De Carolis S.Soria L.
A theoretical-experimental framework for the analysis of the dynamic response of a QEPAS tuning fork device immersed in a fluid medium 1-gen-2021 Angelo CampanaleCarmine PutignanoSimone De CarolisPietro PatimiscoMarilena GiglioLeonardo Soria
A unified model for metal and dry hybrid V-belt CVTs 1-gen-2005 CARBONE, GiuseppeMANGIALARDI, LuigiMANTRIOTA, GiacomoSORIA, Leonardo
Active suspension systems for passenger cars: Operational Modal Analysis as a tool for the performance assessment 1-gen-2011 Leonardo Soria +
An Operational Modal Analysis approach for the performance assessment of passenger car active suspension systems 1-gen-2010 Soria, L. +
Assessing Fakir State Robustness of Superhydrophobic Plasma Generated Randomly Nano-Rough Surfaces 1-gen-2014 DI MUNDO, RosaBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoSORIA, LeonardoCARBONE, Giuseppe
Automatic in-Operation Modal Analysis for the continuous monitoring of high-speed railway bridges 1-gen-2011 Soria, L. +
Bearing load on circular slippers: hydrodynamic and hydrostatic aspects 1-gen-2002 CARBONE, GiuseppeSORIA, Leonardo
Bearing load on slippers In swash plate Axial-Piston Pumps 1-gen-2002 CARBONE, GiuseppeMANGIALARDI, LuigiSORIA, Leonardo
Effect of hydrodynamic interaction on energy harvesting in arrays of ionic polymer metal composites vibrating in a viscous fluid 1-gen-2014 SORIA, Leonardo +
Effect of porosity and pore size distribution on elastic modulus of foams 1-gen-2023 De Carolis S.Putignano C.Soria L.Carbone G.
EMA and OMA techniques for vibro-acoustically coupled systems: the example of a helicopter cabin 1-gen-2009 SORIA, Leonardo +
Erratum: “Finite amplitude vibrations of a sharp-edged beam immersed in a viscous fluid near a solid surface” [J. Appl. Phys. 112, 104907 (2012)] 1-gen-2013 SORIA, Leonardo +
Experimental analyses on local diagnoses through additional poles extracted by R-FRFs 1-gen-2019 Soria, LeonardoMantriota, Giacomo +
Experimental analysis of the Very Near Field produced by different acoustic sources 1-gen-2010 SORIA, Leonardo +