Bottiglione, Francesco

Bottiglione, Francesco  

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A bio-inspired micro-structured surface with anisotropic adhesion 1-gen-2013 Afferrante LBottiglione FPierro ECarbone G
A Novel Hybridized Automated Manual Transmission for High Performance Cars 1-gen-2018 Vacca F.Capilli G.Bottiglione F. +
A Simple Approach for Hybrid Transmissions Efficiency 1-gen-2012 BOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoMANTRIOTA, Giacomo +
Adhesion, friction and lubrication of viscoelastic materials 1-gen-2021 Carbone G.Bottiglione F.
Adhesive performance of mushroom-shaped micro-pillars with interfacial micro-bubbles of air 1-gen-2013 Pierro ECarbone GAfferrante LBottiglione F
Advanced technologies for reduction of polluting emissions, fuel consumption and operating costs of Heavy Duty engines, INNOVHEAD 1-gen-2014 PAPPALETTERE, CarmineDE PALMA, PietroPASCAZIO, GiuseppeDE TULLIO, Marco DonatoCAMPOREALE, Sergio MarioDAMBROSIO, LorenzoFORTUNATO, BernardoTORRESI, MarcoFornarelli FCARBONE, GiuseppeAFFERRANTE, LucianoBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoMANTRIOTA, GiacomoFoglia MMLAMBERTI, LucianoBOCCACCIO, AntonioLUDOVICO, Antonio DomenicoDE FILIPPIS, Luigi Alberto CiroSORGENTE, DonatoGALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaCASAVOLA, CaterinaLINO, PaoloMAIONE, GuidoSTASI, SilvioTURCHIANO, BiagioCUPERTINO, Francesco +
An effective medium approach to predict the apparent contact angle of drops on super-hydrophobic randomly rough surfaces 1-gen-2015 BOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoCARBONE, Giuseppe
An Innovative Design of Artificial Knee Joint Actuator with Energy Recovery Capabilities 1-gen-2016 ALO', RobertaBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoMANTRIOTA, Giacomo
Analytical model to predict the extrusion force as a function of the layer height, in extrusion based 3D printing 1-gen-2021 Gianluca PercocoGianni StanoFrancesco Bottiglione +
Artificial Knee Joints Actuators with Energy Recovery Capabilities: A Comparison of Performance 1-gen-2016 ALO', RobertaBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoMANTRIOTA, Giacomo
Asperity contact theories: Do they predict linearity between contact area and load? 1-gen-2008 CARBONE, GiuseppeBOTTIGLIONE, Francesco
Assessing Fakir State Robustness of Superhydrophobic Plasma Generated Randomly Nano-Rough Surfaces 1-gen-2014 DI MUNDO, RosaBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoSORIA, LeonardoCARBONE, Giuseppe
Biomimetics and Tribology of Micro- and Nano Structured Surfaces 1-gen-2014 CARBONE, GiuseppeGALIETTI, UmbertoDEMELIO, Giuseppe PompeoAFFERRANTE, LucianoBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoDI MUNDO, RosaMenga N.
Calculation of fluid leakage in ball valves 1-gen-2007 BOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoCARBONE, GiuseppeMANTRIOTA, Giacomo
Cassie state robustness of plasma generated randomly nano-roughsurfaces 1-gen-2014 DI MUNDO, RosaBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoCARBONE, Giuseppe
Combining Biomechanical Features and Machine Learning Approaches to Identify Fencers’ Levels for Training Support 1-gen-2022 Aresta S.Bottiglione F.Di Noia T.Di Sciascio E.Lofu D.Musci M.Narducci F.Pazienza A.Sorino P. +
Comparison of Centralized and Multi-Layer Architectures for Nonlinear Model Predictive Torque-Vectoring and Traction Control 1-gen-2023 Rini, GDe Bernardis, MBottiglione, F +
Contact mechanics of rough surfaces: a comparison between theories 1-gen-2011 CARBONE, GiuseppeBOTTIGLIONE, Francesco
Contact mechanics of rough surfaces: Persson's theory vs multiasperity contact models 1-gen-2009 CARBONE, GiuseppeBOTTIGLIONE, Francesco
Double-Scale Plasma Textured Teflon Spheres: Air Retaining and Drag Reducing Properties underwater 1-gen-2018 Rosa Di MundoFrancesco BottiglioneGiuseppe PascazioGiuseppe Carbone