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Percoco, Gianluca  

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3D Digitization of Curves on Human Bodies by Means of Digital Close Range Photogrammetry 1-gen-2011 Percoco GGalantucci L. M.Lavecchia F.
3D Face measurement and scanning using digital close range photogrammetry: evaluation of different solutions and experimental approaches 1-gen-2010 Galantucci, Luigi MariaLavecchia, FulvioPercoco, Gianluca
3D Facial Landmark Models for Soft Tissue Analysis with The 3D 3Cameras StereoPhotogrammetry 1-gen-2009 GALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaPERCOCO, Gianluca +
3D image based modelling for inspection of objects with micro-features, using inaccurate calibration patterns: an experimental contribution 1-gen-2017 PERCOCO, Gianluca +
3D Printing of Shape Memory Polymers: Embedding Nichrome-Wires to Enhance Their Performance 1-gen-2024 Stano G.Percoco G. +
A comparative experimental study of heuristics for multi objective disassembly planning 1-gen-2016 PERCOCO, Gianluca +
A Comparison between Surface Reconstruction Methodologies 1-gen-2005 PERCOCO, Gianluca
A genetic algorithm approach for the identification of edge points from 3D scanned data 1-gen-2002 PERCOCO, GianlucaSPINA, Roberto
A genetic algorithm approach for the reduction of point clouds of scanned complex shaped parts 1-gen-2001 PERCOCO, GianlucaSPINA, Roberto
A low-cost multi camera 3D scanning system for quality measurement of non-static subjects 1-gen-2015 GALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaPERCOCO, GianlucaLAVECCHIA, Fulvio +
A multilevel approach to edge detection in tessellated point clouds 1-gen-2005 Galantucci, L. M.Percoco, G.
A new three-dimensional photogrammetric face scanner for the morpho-biometric 3D feature extraction applied to a massive field analysis of Italian attractive women 1-gen-2013 Galantucci, Luigi MariaPercoco, GianlucaLavecchia, Fulvio
A simple photogrammetric system for automatic capture and measurement of facial soft tissues during movement 1-gen-2010 Galantucci, LMLavecchia, FPercoco, G
A volumetric approach for STL generation from 3D scanned products 1-gen-2008 GALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaPERCOCO, Gianluca +
Ablation efficiency in the Er:YAG laser cutting of bone 1-gen-2009 GALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaPERCOCO, Gianluca +
Accuracy Issues of Digital Photogrammetry for 3D Digitization of Industrial Products 1-gen-2006 Galantucci, L. M.Percoco, G. +
Accuracy Issues of Digital Photogrammetry for 3D Digitization of Industrial Products 1-gen-2005 GALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaPERCOCO, Gianluca +
Accurate Facial Morphologic Measurements Using a 3-Camera Photogrammetric Method 1-gen-2011 GALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaPERCOCO, Gianluca +
Additive manufacturing aimed to soft robots fabrication: A review 1-gen-2021 Stano, GianniPercoco, Gianluca