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3D Digitization of Curves on Human Bodies by Means of Digital Close Range Photogrammetry 1-gen-2011 Percoco GGalantucci L. M.Lavecchia F.
3D Face measurement and scanning using digital close range photogrammetry: evaluation of different solutions and experimental approaches 1-gen-2010 Galantucci, Luigi MariaLavecchia, FulvioPercoco, Gianluca
3d Printing of Parts Using Metal Extrusion: an Overview of Shaping Debinding and Sintering Technology 1-gen-2021 Luigi Maria GalantucciAlessandro PellegriniMaria Grazia GuerraFulvio Lavecchia
A 12-camera body scanning system based on close-range photogrammetry for precise applications 1-gen-2016 Pesce, MartaGALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaLAVECCHIA, Fulvio
A comprehensive study of PLA material relationships for fused filament fabricated part performances 1-gen-2019 Spina, RobertoLavecchia, FulvioGalantucci, Luigi M. +
A layerwise monitoring methodology based on blue laser line profilometer for Material Extrusion processes 1-gen-2023 Lafirenza M.Guerra M. G.Lavecchia F.
A low-cost multi camera 3D scanning system for quality measurement of non-static subjects 1-gen-2015 GALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaPERCOCO, GianlucaLAVECCHIA, Fulvio +
A new three-dimensional photogrammetric face scanner for the morpho-biometric 3D feature extraction applied to a massive field analysis of Italian attractive women 1-gen-2013 Galantucci, Luigi MariaPercoco, GianlucaLavecchia, Fulvio
A photogrammetric method for stature estimation: Reliability and validity 1-gen-2012 LAVECCHIA, Fulvio +
A powerful scanning methodology for 3D measurements of small parts with complex surfaces and sub millimeter-sized features, based on close range photogrammetry 1-gen-2016 Galantucci L. M.Pesce M.Lavecchia F.
A simple photogrammetric system for automatic capture and measurement of facial soft tissues during movement 1-gen-2010 Galantucci, LMLavecchia, FPercoco, G
A stereo photogrammetry scanning methodology, for precise and accurate 3D digitization of small parts with sub-millimeter sized features 1-gen-2015 Galantucci, Luigi MariaLavecchia, Fulvio +
Additive Manufacturing: New Trends in the 4th Industrial Revolution 1-gen-2019 Luigi M. GalantucciMaria Grazia GuerraMichele DassistiFulvio Lavecchia
Analysis of dimensional performance for a 3-D open-source printer based in FDM technique 1-gen-2015 GALANTUCCI, Luigi MariaLAVECCHIA, Fulvio +
Analysis of shape geometry and roughness of Ti6Al4V parts fabricated by nanosecond laser ablation 1-gen-2018 Campanelli, Sabina LuisaLavecchia, FulvioContuzzi, NicolaPercoco, Gianluca
Analysis of Shape Geometry of Micro-Channels Fabricated by Laser Milling 1-gen-2015 CAMPANELLI, Sabina LuisaContuzzi, NicolaLAVECCHIA, FulvioPERCOCO, Gianluca
Analysis of the sliding mechanics of NBR thread pattern 1-gen-2021 Spina R.Galantucci L. M.Lavecchia F. +
Application of off-the-shelf stereo-cameras for the 3D assessment of morphometric variations caused by rhinoplasty 1-gen-2017 Galantucci, Luigi MariaLavecchia, FulvioPercoco, Gianluca +
Artefacts used for testing 3D optical-based scanners 1-gen-2020 Maria Grazia GuerraFulvio LavecchiaLuigi Maria Galantucci
Auxetic behavior of 3D-printed structure made in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide 1-gen-2023 Pellegrini, APalmieri, MELavecchia, FTricarico, LGalantucci, LM