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Guerra, Maria Grazia  

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3d Printing of Parts Using Metal Extrusion: an Overview of Shaping Debinding and Sintering Technology 1-gen-2021 Luigi Maria GalantucciAlessandro PellegriniMaria Grazia GuerraFulvio Lavecchia
A layerwise monitoring methodology based on blue laser line profilometer for Material Extrusion processes 1-gen-2023 Lafirenza M.Guerra M. G.Lavecchia F.
A monitoring framework based on exergetic analysis for sustainability assessment of direct laser metal deposition process 1-gen-2022 Marco MazzarisiFrancesco Saverio LovecchioMaria Grazia GuerraSabina Luisa CampanelliMichele Dassisti +
Additive Manufacturing: New Trends in the 4th Industrial Revolution 1-gen-2019 Luigi M. GalantucciMaria Grazia GuerraMichele DassistiFulvio Lavecchia
Analysis of a 3D optical scanner based on photogrammetry suitable for industrial applications in close and micro-range 1-gen-2019 Guerra, Maria Grazia
Analysis of Surface Grinding of Thermoplastics Specimens with Inline Measurements 1-gen-2022 Spina, RGuerra, MG +
Artefacts used for testing 3D optical-based scanners 1-gen-2020 Maria Grazia GuerraFulvio LavecchiaLuigi Maria Galantucci
Chemical vapor treatment to improve surface finish of 3D printed polylactic acid (PLA) parts realized by fused filament fabrication 1-gen-2022 Lavecchia, FulvioGuerra, Maria GraziaGalantucci, Luigi Maria
Design and Experimental Validation of a Process Chain for Thin Components Manufacturing by Micro Injection Molding Process 1-gen-2021 Lavecchia F.Surace R.Spadavecchia O.Guerra M. G.Galantucci L. M. +
Effect of layer and raster orientation on bending properties of 17-4 PH printed via material extrusion additive manufacturing technology 1-gen-2023 Pellegrini A.Guerra M. G.Lavecchia F.Galantucci L. M.
Effects of subsurface scattering on the accuracy of optical 3D measurements using miniature polymer step gauges 1-gen-2018 Maria Grazia Guerra +
Evaluation of anisotropic mechanical behaviour of 316L parts realized by metal fused filament fabrication using digital image correlation 1-gen-2022 Alessandro PellegriniMaria Emanuela PalmieriMaria Grazia Guerra
Experimental investigation on camera calibration for 3D photogrammetric scanning of micro-features for micrometric resolution 1-gen-2017 PERCOCO, GianlucaGuerra, Maria GraziaGALANTUCCI, Luigi Maria +
High resolution-optical tomography for in-process layerwise monitoring of a laser-powder bed fusion technology 1-gen-2022 Guerra M. G.Errico V.Fusco A.Lavecchia F.Campanelli S. L.Galantucci L. M.
Homogenization simulation of material extruded lattice structures 1-gen-2023 Spina, RobertoGuerra, Maria Grazia +
In process monitoring of geometrical characteristics in laser metal deposition: A comparative study 1-gen-2023 Latte M.Guerra M. G.Mazzarisi M.Angelastro A.Campanelli S. L.Galantucci L. M.
In-process dimensional and geometrical characterization of laser-powder bed fusion lattice structures through high-resolution optical tomography 1-gen-2023 Grazia Guerra, MariaLafirenza, MarcoErrico, VitoAngelastro, Andrea
Influence of aging treatments on 17-4 PH stainless steel parts realized using material extrusion additive manufacturing technologies 1-gen-2023 Alessandro PellegriniFulvio LavecchiaMaria Grazia GuerraLuigi Maria Galantucci
Measurement of additively manufactured freeform artefacts: The influence of surface texture on measurements carried out with optical techniques 1-gen-2023 Guerra, MGLavecchia, F
Measurement of polymers with 3D optical scanners: Evaluation of the subsurface scattering effect through five miniature step gauges 1-gen-2020 Guerra M. G.Lavecchia F.Galantucci L. M. +