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A methodology for optimization of the direct laser metal deposition process 1-gen-2011 Angelastro, A.Campanelli, S. L.Casalino, G.Ludovico, A. D. +
A Systematic Study on Layer-Level Multi-Material Fabrication of Parts via Laser-Powder Bed Fusion Process 1-gen-2023 Angelastro A.Posa P.Errico V.Campanelli S. L.
Advanced Lightweight Structures Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting 1-gen-2014 CAMPANELLI, Sabina LuisaContuzzi NDE FILIPPIS, Luigi Alberto CiroANGELASTRO, AndreaLUDOVICO, Antonio Domenico +
An integrated analytical model for the forecasting of the molten pool dimensions in Selective Laser Melting 1-gen-2022 Angelastro, AndreaCampanelli, Sabina Luisa
Analysing the Probability of Detection of Shallow Spherical Defects by Means of Pulsed Thermography 1-gen-2023 D'Accardi E.Palumbo D.Errico V.Fusco A.Angelastro A.Galietti U.
Analysis of a tool steel sample obtained by Direct Laser Deposition 1-gen-2007 Angelastro, AndreaCampanelli, SabinaCasalino, GiuseppeLudovico, Antonio
Analysis of Digital Training Methodologies 1-gen-2023 Casalino G.Andrea A. +
Analysis of the molten/solidified zone in selective laser melted parts 1-gen-2014 Campanelli S LCasalino GContuzzi NAngelastro A +
Analysis of Transition Zone on a Hot-Stamped Part with Tailored Tool Tempering Approach by Numerical and Physical Simulation 1-gen-2023 Maria Emanuela PalmieriPaolo PosaAndrea AngelastroLuigi Tricarico +
Capabilities and performances of the Selective Laser Melting process 1-gen-2010 Sabina L. CampanelliNicola ContuzziAndrea AngelastroAntonio D. Ludovico
Cellular metal materials:production and characterization of aluminum foam 1-gen-2014 DE FILIPPIS, Luigi Alberto CiroCAMPANELLI, Sabina LuisaLUDOVICO, Antonio DomenicoAngelastro, AndreaContuzzi N +
Characterization Of Colmonoy 227-F Samples Obtained By Direct Laser Metal Deposition 1-gen-2010 Andrea AngelastroSabina L. CampanelliAntonio D. Ludovico
Coaxial Monitoring of AISI 316L Thin Walls Fabricated by Direct Metal Laser Deposition 1-gen-2021 Vito ErricoSabina Luisa CampanelliAndrea AngelastroMichele DassistiMarco MazzarisiCesare Bonserio
Design and development of an experimental equipment for the Direct Laser Metal Deposition process 1-gen-2009 ANGELASTRO, AndreaCAMPANELLI, Sabina LuisaLUDOVICO, Antonio Domenico +
Detection Analysis for Sub-Superficial Defects in Additive Manufactured Metal Samples by Means of Flash Thermography 1-gen-2023 D'Accardi E.Palumbo D.Errico V.Fusco A.Angelastro A.Addante G. D.Galietti U.
Dimensional and metallurgical characterization of free-formed colmonoy 227-F samples obtained by laser radiation 1-gen-2007 Andrea AngelastroAntonio Domenico LudovicoGiuseppe CasalinoSabina Luisa Campanelli
Direct laser metal deposition of tungsten carbide-cobalt-chrome (wc/co/cr) powder 1-gen-2011 Andrea AngelastroAntonio D. LudovicoSabina L. Campanelli +
Direct laser metal deposition of WC/Co/Cr powder by means of the functionally graded materials strategy 1-gen-2017 Angelastro, A.Campanelli, SL.
Direct Metal Laser Deposition di polveri metalliche mediante diverse strategie di scansione 1-gen-2018 Campanelli Sabina LuisaLatte MarcoMazzarisi MarcoAngelastro AndreaLudovico Antonio Domenico
Effects of Laser-Deposited Maraging Steel on L-PBF 316L Component 1-gen-2022 Errico V.Posa P.Mazzarisi M.Angelastro A.Campanelli S. L.