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A literature review on markets for ideas: Emerging characteristics and unanswered questions 1-gen-2014 NATALICCHIO, AngeloMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioGARAVELLI, Achille Claudio
Benefiting from markets for ideas - An investigation across different typologies 1-gen-2013 GARAVELLI, Achille ClaudioMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioNATALICCHIO, Angelo +
Business model innovation between the embryonic and growth stages of industry lifecycle In corso di stampa Natalicchio, A.Messeni Petruzzelli, A.Panniello, U. +
Business Model Innovation between the embryonic and growth stages of industry lifecycle 1-gen-2022 Vittori D.Natalicchio A.Panniello U.Messeni Petruzzelli A.Cupertino F.
Business model innovation for sustainability. Highlights from the tourism and hospitality industry 1-gen-2019 Antonio Messeni PetruzzelliAngelo Natalicchio +
CEO cognitive trust, governmental support and marketing innovation: empirical evidence from Chinese small, medium and micro enterprises 1-gen-2021 Ardito L.Natalicchio A. +
Crowdsourcing: A Review and Suggestions for Future Research 1-gen-2018 Angelo Natalicchio +
Evidence on the Determinants of the Likelihood and Speed of Technological Convergence: A Knowledge Search and Recombination Perspective in Key Enabling Technologies 1-gen-2021 Ardito L.Natalicchio A.Messeni Petruzzelli A.
Evidence-informed decision-making in Smart Specialisation Strategies: a patent-based approach for discovering regional technological capabilities 1-gen-2021 Natalicchio A.Ardito L.Messeni Petruzzelli A +
Implementing a digital strategy: Learning from the experience of three digital transformation projects 1-gen-2020 Messeni Petruzzelli, AntonioNatalicchio, Angelo +
Innovation problems and search for solutions in crowdsourcing platforms – A simulation approach 1-gen-2017 Natalicchio, AngeloMesseni Petruzzelli, AntonioGaravelli, Achille Claudio
Innovative climate, a determinant of competitiveness and business performance in chinese law firms: The role of firm size and age 1-gen-2020 Achille Claudio GaravelliAngelo NatalicchioPaolo Capolupo +
Investigating the determinants of patent acquisition in biotechnology: an empirical analysis 1-gen-2015 MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioNatalicchio, AngeloGARAVELLI, Achille Claudio
Managing knowledge assets for open innovation: a systematic literature review 1-gen-2017 Natalicchio, AngeloArdito, LorenzoSavino, TommasoAlbino, Vito
Open innovation and the human resource dimension: An investigation into the Italian manufacturing sector 1-gen-2018 Angelo NatalicchioAntonio Messeni PetruzzelliTommaso Savino +
Organizing for continuous technology acquisition: The role of R&D geographic dispersion 1-gen-2018 Ardito, LorenzoNatalicchio, AngeloMesseni Petruzzelli, AntonioGaravelli, Achille Claudio
The impact of partners’ technological diversification in joint patenting: A study on firm-PRO collaborations 1-gen-2017 Natalicchio, AngeloMesseni Petruzzelli, AntonioGaravelli, Achille Claudio
The origins of external knowledge inflows and the impact of university technologies 1-gen-2019 Natalicchio AngeloArdito LorenzoMesseni Petruzzelli Antonio +
The relationships between the internationalization of alliance portfolio diversity, individual incentives, and innovation ambidexterity: A microfoundational approach 1-gen-2019 Lorenzo ArditoAngelo Natalicchio +
The role of scientific knowledge within inventing teams and the moderating effects of team internationalization and team experience: Empirical tests into the aerospace sector 1-gen-2021 Lorenzo ArditoAngelo NatalicchioAntonio Messeni Petruzzelli +