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Panniello, Umberto  

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A Contextual Modeling Approach to Context-Aware Recommender Systems 1-gen-2011 Umberto PannielloMichele Gorgoglione
Archetypes of incumbents' strategic responses to digital innovation 1-gen-2019 Petruzzelli, Antonio MesseniPanniello, Umberto +
Are you providing the “right” customer experience? The case of Banca Popolare di Bari 1-gen-2013 GORGOGLIONE, MichelePANNIELLO, Umberto +
Beyond Customer Churn: Generating Personalized Actions to Retain Customers in a Retail Bank by a Recommender System Approach 1-gen-2011 GORGOGLIONE, MichelePANNIELLO, Umberto
Beyond customer experience models: identifying idiosyncratic perceptions 1-gen-2018 Gorgoglione, MichelePanniello, Umberto
Big Data for Open Innovation in SMEs and Large Corporations: Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges 1-gen-2018 Antonio Messeni PetruzzelliUmberto Panniello +
Bringing Wine-Making Business Online: What Matters Most To Customers 1-gen-2015 GORGOGLIONE, MichelePANNIELLO, Umberto +
Business intelligence in the healthcare industry: The utilization of a data-driven approach to support clinical decision making 1-gen-2022 Basile L. J.Carbonara N.Pellegrino R.Panniello U.
Business model innovation between the embryonic and growth stages of industry lifecycle In corso di stampa Natalicchio, A.Messeni Petruzzelli, A.Panniello, U. +
Business Model Innovation between the embryonic and growth stages of industry lifecycle 1-gen-2022 Vittori D.Natalicchio A.Panniello U.Messeni Petruzzelli A.Cupertino F.
Business model innovation in video-game consoles to face the threats of mobile gaming: Evidence from the case of Sony PlayStation 1-gen-2022 Lantano F.Petruzzelli A. M.Panniello U.
Comparing context-aware recommender systems in terms of accuracy and diversity 1-gen-2014 Umberto PannielloMichele Gorgoglione +
Comparing context-aware recommender systems in terms of accuracy and diversity 1-gen-2014 PANNIELLO, UmbertoGORGOGLIONE, Michele +
Comparing Pre-filtering and Post-filtering Approach in a Collaborative Contextual Recommender System: An Application to E-Commerce 1-gen-2009 Umberto PannielloMichele GorgoglioneCosimo Palmisano
Context-Aware Recommender Systems: A Comparison Of Three Approaches 1-gen-2011 Umberto PannielloMichele Gorgoglione
Developing a price-sensitive recommender system to improve accuracy and business performance of ecommerce applications 1-gen-2015 PANNIELLO, Umberto
Development of a decision support system framework for cultural heritage management 1-gen-2021 Roma P.Panniello U. +
Do hotel employees really care for corporate social responsibility (CSR): a happiness approach to employee innovativeness 1-gen-2022 Khan A.Panniello U. +
Does the recommendation task affect a CARS performance? 1-gen-2010 GORGOGLIONE, MichelePANNIELLO, Umberto
Does the users' tendency to seek information affect recommender systems' performance? 1-gen-2017 Panniello, UmbertoArdito, LorenzoPetruzzelli, Antonio Messeni