Pellegrino, Roberta

Pellegrino, Roberta  

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A cost decision model supporting treatment strategy selection in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers in breast cancer 1-gen-2021 Carbonara NunziaPellegrino Roberta +
A Decision Making Technique to Optimize a Buildings' Stock Energy Efficiency 1-gen-2017 Raffaele CarliMariagrazia DotoliRoberta Pellegrino +
A decision-making tool for energy efficiency optimization of street lighting 1-gen-2018 Carli, RaffaeleDotoli, MariagraziaPellegrino, Roberta
A Hierarchical Decision Making Strategy for the Energy Management of Smart Cities 1-gen-2017 CARLI, RaffaeleDOTOLI, MariagraziaPELLEGRINO, Roberta
A model for designing the tendering process in public-private partnerships 1-gen-2015 CARBONARA, NunziaCOSTANTINO, NicolaPellegrino, Roberta
A Monte Carlo Simulation and Fuzzy Delphi-Based Approach to Valuing Real Options in Engineering Fields 1-gen-2012 Roberta PellegrinoNicola Costantino
A Multi-Period Approach for the Optimal Energy Retrofit Planning of Street Lighting Systems 1-gen-2019 Raffaele CarliMariagrazia DotoliRoberta Pellegrino
A Real Options and fuzzy Delphi-based approach for appraising the effect of an urban infrastructure on surrounding lands 1-gen-2009 COSTANTINO, NicolaPellegrino, R. +
A real options and fuzzy Delphi-based approach for appraising the effect of an urban infrastructure on surrounding lands 1-gen-2009 N. CostantinoM. d'AmatoR. Pellegrino
A real options approach for mitigating supply chain risks 1-gen-2013 CARBONARA, NunziaCOSTANTINO, NicolaDOTOLI, MariagraziaPellegrino R.
A Real Options-Based Approach in Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracting 1-gen-2012 Nicola CostantinoGiovanni MummoloRoberta Pellegrino +
A real options-based model to supporting risk allocation in price cap regulation approach for public utilities 1-gen-2011 Pellegrino RCOSTANTINO, NicolaMUMMOLO, Giovanni +
A three-layer analysis framework for Public Private Partnerships at country, sector, and project levels 1-gen-2012 CARBONARA, NunziaCOSTANTINO, NicolaPellegrino R.
A three-layers theoretical framework for analyzing Public Private Partnerships: The Italian case 1-gen-2013 CARBONARA, NunziaCOSTANTINO, NicolaPellegrino R.
A transaction costs-based model to choose PPP procurement procedures 1-gen-2016 CARBONARA, NunziaCOSTANTINO, NicolaPELLEGRINO, Roberta
Advance Purchase Discounts for Supply Chain Finance System Coordination 1-gen-2020 Pellegrino, RobertaCostantino, Nicola +
An empirical investigation of the learning effect in concrete operations 1-gen-2018 Roberta PellegrinoNicola Costantino
An Evaluation Model for Total Costs of Purchasing in the Construction Industry Using Probabilistic and Fuzzy Theories 1-gen-2006 COSTANTINO, NicolaDOTOLI, MariagraziaFANTI, Maria PiaR. PELLEGRINO +
An urban control center for the energy governance of a smart city 1-gen-2014 Carli RDOTOLI, MariagraziaPellegrino R. +
Asset Specificity and Specialization in the U.S. Construction Industry: A Transaction Cost Theory Interpretation 1-gen-2011 COSTANTINO, NicolaPellegrino, R. +