Carbone, Giuseppe

Carbone, Giuseppe  

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A bio-inspired micro-structured surface with anisotropic adhesion 1-gen-2013 Afferrante LBottiglione FPierro ECarbone G
A Boundary Element Methodology for Rough Contact of Viscoelastic Solids 1-gen-2013 PUTIGNANO, CarmineCARBONE, Giuseppe
A comparison of the performances of full and half toroidal traction drives 1-gen-2004 Carbone, G.Mangialardi, L.Mantriota, G.
A critical assessment of kassapoglou’s statistical model for composites fatigue 1-gen-2018 Michele CiavarellaGiuseppe Carbone +
A general theory for infectious disease dynamics 1-gen-2022 Carbone G.De Vincenzo I.
A Ising-based dynamic model of firm absorptive capacity 1-gen-2016 GIANNOCCARO, Ilaria FilomenaCARBONE, Giuseppe
A methodology for vibro-acoustical Operational Modal Analysis of microsystems 1-gen-2022 Simone De CarolisAngelo CampanaleCarmine PutignanoLeonardo SoriaGiuseppe Carbone
A multiscale analysis of elastic contacts and percolation threshold for numerically generated and real rough surfaces 1-gen-2013 PUTIGNANO, CarmineAFFERRANTE, LucianoCARBONE, GiuseppeDEMELIO, Giuseppe Pompeo
A new efficient numerical method for contact mechanics of rough surfaces 1-gen-2012 PUTIGNANO, CarmineAFFERRANTE, LucianoCARBONE, GiuseppeDEMELIO, Giuseppe Pompeo
A new technique for the characterization of viscoelastic materials: Theory, experiments and comparison with DMA 1-gen-2021 Giuseppe Carbone +
A novel approach to assess lip sealing performance 1-gen-2010 CARBONE, Giuseppe +
A novel BEM for the numerical calculation of rolling/sliding friction of viscoelastic materials 1-gen-2012 CARBONE, GiuseppePUTIGNANO, Carmine
A novel methodology to predict sliding and rolling friction of viscoelastic materials: theory and experiments 1-gen-2013 CARBONE, GiuseppePUTIGNANO, Carmine
A novel probabilistic approach to assess the blade throw hazard of wind turbines 1-gen-2013 CARBONE, GiuseppeAFFERRANTE, Luciano
A novel probabilistic method to asses the risk of impact of wind turbine blade fragments 1-gen-2012 AFFERRANTE, LucianoCARBONE, Giuseppe
A Novel Theoretical Approach for the Fast Evaluation of Surface Texturing Effects on Friction and Load Support in Hydrodynamic Bearings 1-gen-2012 Scaraggi, MicheleCarbone, Giuseppe
A parametrically time-dependent methodology for reciprocating contact mechanics between viscoelastic solids 1-gen-2016 PUTIGNANO, CarmineCARBONE, Giuseppe +
A review of adhesion mechanisms of mushroom-shaped microstructured adhesive 1-gen-2013 CARBONE, Giuseppe +
A review of boundary elements methodologies for elastic and viscoelastic rough contact mechanics 1-gen-2014 PUTIGNANO, CarmineCARBONE, Giuseppe
A slightly corrected Greenwood and Williamson model predicts asymptotic linearity between contact area and load 1-gen-2009 CARBONE, Giuseppe