Menga, Nicola

Menga, Nicola  

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A note on wear of elastic sliding parts with varying contact area 1-gen-2015 CIAVARELLA, MicheleMenga, N.
A Winkler solution for the axisymmetric Hertzian contact problem with wear and finite element method comparison 1-gen-2015 Menga, N.CIAVARELLA, Michele
Adhesive and adhesiveless contact mechanics of elastic layers on slightly wavy rigid substrates 1-gen-2016 Menga, NicolaAFFERRANTE, LucianoCARBONE, Giuseppe
Adhesive contact mechanics of viscoelastic materials 1-gen-2024 Mandriota C.Menga N.Carbone G.
Adhesive elastic periodic contacts: the role of interfacial friction and slab thickness 1-gen-2015 MENGA NCARBONE, Giuseppe
Analysis of elastic tapes peeling process from viscoelastic substrates 1-gen-2016 MENGA, NicolaCARBONE, GiuseppeDEMELIO, Giuseppe PompeoAFFERRANTE, Luciano
Analysis of the Elastic Adhesive Contact in Presence of Interfacial Friction 1-gen-2014 MENGA NCARBONE, Giuseppe
Analysis of the elastic adhesive contact in presence of interfacial friction 1-gen-2014 MENGA NCARBONE, Giuseppe +
Biomimetics and Tribology of Micro- and Nano Structured Surfaces 1-gen-2014 CARBONE, GiuseppeGALIETTI, UmbertoDEMELIO, Giuseppe PompeoAFFERRANTE, LucianoBOTTIGLIONE, FrancescoDI MUNDO, RosaMenga N.
Corrigendum to “Do uniform tangential interfacial stresses enhance adhesion?” [Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 112 (2018) 145–156] 1-gen-2019 Nicola MengaGiuseppe Carbone +
Do uniform tangential interfacial stresses enhance adhesion? 1-gen-2018 Menga, NicolaCarbone, Giuseppe +
Dynamically induced friction reduction in micro-structured interfaces 1-gen-2021 Menga N.Bottiglione F.Carbone G.
Effect of In-Plane Stress on the Frictional Behavior of Thin Layers 1-gen-2023 Menga N.Carbone G.
Effect of thickness and boundary conditions on the behavior of viscoelastic layers in sliding contact with wavy profiles 1-gen-2016 Menga, NAfferrante, L.Carbone, G.
Exploiting surface textures dynamics for dry friction control 1-gen-2023 Menga N.Bottiglione F.Carbone G.
Exploring the effect of geometric coupling on friction and energy dissipation in rough contacts of elastic and viscoelastic coatings 1-gen-2021 Menga, N.Carbone, G. +
Fast High-Resolution Simulation of the Gross Slip Wear of Axially Symmetric Contacts 1-gen-2016 Menga, N.PAPANGELO, AntonioCIAVARELLA, Michele +
Friction in rough contacts of linear viscoelastic surfaces with anisotropic statistical properties 1-gen-2019 Luciano AfferranteCarmine PutignanoNicola MengaGiuseppe Carbone
Modelling the non-steady peeling of viscoelastic tapes 1-gen-2024 Ceglie M.Menga N.Carbone G.
Non-linear dynamic behavior of a Rubber-Layer Roller Bearings (RLRB) isolator 1-gen-2019 Menga N.Bottiglione F.Carbone G.